Gourmet Ice Cream Dessert – Crispy Pineapple with Coconut Ice Cream

If you want to stir friends and family with something exhilarating, check out this succulently new crispy pineapple with coconut ice cream sweet that’s definite to enchant even the most exacting of customers. The savors of the Caribbean and the pacific islands are condensed in this fabulous dish that perfectly ties the two most famed tropical fruits.

Cooking Recipe Preparation time

·               Preparation: 35 minutes

Cooking Recipe Ingredients

·               1 pineapple

·               0.55 lbs. feuilletage (puff pastry)

·               3.5 oz. powdered sugar

·               0.55 lbs. crème patisserie (custard filling for pastries and cakes; vanilla-flavored)

·               0.55 lbs. whipped cream

·               1 vanilla pod

·               3.6 oz. semolina sugar

·               3.4 tbsp. water

·               Grated coconut

·               Coconut milk

English cream:

·               2.1 cups l milk

·               4 egg yolk

·               3.175 oz. sugar

·               Raspberries

·               Powdered sugar

·               Crème patisserie

Cooking recipe preparation instructions:

1.            Start with an English cream, by stirring milk, egg yolk and sugar. At the close of the cooking, take the pot of the fire and add coconut milk, coconut cream and some grated coconuts.

2.            Then, put this preparation in the ice cream machine to make the coconut ice cream.

3.            Cut the pineapple into very thin slices and gather the pineapple juice and make a sauce out of it. Sprinkle sugar icing on a plate and put the pineapple on top of it. Then, sprinkle more of the sugar icing on it, before positioning the plate into the stove so that it gently caramelizes.

4.            Now you will ready small disks with the crème patisserie.

5.            To do so, cut a small stencil out of a cardboard box. Start by lightly sprinkling the plate with sugar icing, put the stencil on the plate, take a little bit of the crème patisserie and scatter it over the plate and the stencil.

6.            After 5 minutes cooking, take the grated coconut, the round crème patisserie disks and the round pineapple slices out of the stove, where we had previously left them.

7.            On the dish, put 3 scoops of the coconut ice cream.

8.            Sprinkle the scoops with some grilled coconut. Then, put some of the pineapple sauce on each side. Take a little piece of the raspberry sauce to adorn the dish.

9.            Put the small grilled round pineapple cuts on each side of the scoops.

10.          End by finely placing a small pineapple piece in the center for decoration. The crusty pineapple with coconut ice cream is ready.

Although pineapple and coconuts are good for you and nutritious, this sweet is not exactly for those controlling their weight or on a diet. The coconut ice cream is made with a rich and flavorful base of English cream, which is a type of soft custard made with milk, egg yolks, and sugar. After the base is done, coconut milk, coconut cream, and grated coconut are added to the mix and placed in an ice cream maker. Even though it is important to use an ice cream machine to achieve a smooth and creamy end product, you can still make ice cream by hand but you will get a rougher and more rustic result. If you’re going to make ice cream without an ice cream maker, you need to whip the mixture every thirty minutes after it has frozen, repeating the process at least three times. Use an electric mixer to get a comparatively even consistency.

Use sweet and ready pineapples, uniformly golden in color and modest in size but plump in shape. Ripe and sweet pineapple exudes a wonderful sweet aroma.

To prepare a pineapple:

·               Cut off the top and the base using a sharp knife.

·               Let the fruit stand vertical on the cutting board.

·               Slice off the skin following the form of the flesh, in long and vertical strips.

·               Use a paring knife to take out the eyes of the pineapple making small v-shaped grooves and working diagonally down all the way around the pineapple.

·               Slice it in half then quarters and into bite-sized pieces.

·               Remove and discard the hard core.

Learn a new dessert or watch video recipes to be a gourmet chef even at home.


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