Easy Cooking Recipe – Prawn Tails with Beer

A fast and casual dinner recipe is simply one of those life’s little blessings. Cooking dinner after a lengthy and backbreaking day is sometimes so troublesome that we resort to the quick fix – order out. However, cooking gives us an opportunity to fix up and create nutritious food picks for ourselves and our homes. The secret is scheduling things in advance to wedge in the time for cooking and having those recipes we love ready and waiting and at hand.
This top-notch Prawn Tails with Beer recipe is unquestionably one that would fill up your tummies with satisfaction and your hearts with joy. Stick with these easy steps and have dinner waiting in as short as 30 minutes.
·               24 prawns
·               1 apple
·               3 spoons olive oil
·               3 teaspoons diced tomato
·               1 spoon minced chives
·               8 ½ tablespoons butter
·               1/2 bottle beer (Blanche de Bruges)
·               Salt, pepper
·               Begin by shelling the raw prawns. Steam the prawn head and set aside for decoration.
·               Slice apples thinly and softly warm in butter. Dust some sugar and cook in a low combustion stove to glaze.
·               Heat olive oil until it smokes. Fry the prawn tails in the hot olive oil. The prawns should be cooked quickly and stay juicy inside. If you overcook them, they will dry out. Once they are lightly browned, take the prawns off the heat and set them on paper napkins to absorb oil.
·               Place shallots in pan. Pour some beer, chives, and tomatoes. Finish the sauce with some fresh butter. Temper the paste with salt and pepper. Mix with a whip to thicken.
·               Place glazed apples on side of the plate and the cooked prawn head beside it for decoration. Set up the prawn tails on the plate, making a line parallel to the glazed apple slices. Pour some beer sauce over the prawns and serve.
Hops, malt, and yeast are the three essential elements of beer. Hops give the beer its dominant bitter flavor, malt allows for a touch of sweetness, and yeast makes beer tastes a little like bread. When used in cooking, beer imparts all these flavors to food. In this recipe beer is made into a strong-flavored beer sauce for seasoning sautéed prawn tails served with glazed apple slices. To make the sauce, use pale ale Belgian beer.
Of all the various kinds of beers, pale ale is the most versatile when it comes to cooking. It has an organic balance of rich and bitter flavors with some fruity notes. And when it comes to pale ale, Belgian beer comes on top of the list. Described as a “beer paradise,” Belgium has hundreds of breweries and beer varieties and is legendary for brewing some of the best and most flavorful beers in history.
Blanche de Bruges, a Belgian white beer known as “witbier” or “bière blanche” in French, is also an ideal beer to use in this recipe. Blanche de Bruges is a somewhat crisp beer with a very light sweetness, hints of citrus fruitiness, and a refreshing finish. Its appearance is somewhat cloudy, with a creamy texture without being heavy when in the mouth. It has mild alcohol content in the 4.5 to 5.5% ABV range. All these characteristics make it perfect for pairing with seafood, specially prawns or langoustine.
To make a good sauce, the beer has to be properly heated and trimmed down to magnify its flavors. Boiled for too long, however, its substance will be wasted. In this recipe, the beer is cooked with chives and tomatoes to balance and counter the beer’s bitterness with the herb’s zest and the fruit’s acidity.

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