Chocolate Ice Cream Dessert

This dessert needs the three most common and most favorite categories of chocolates all around: the white chocolate, the milk chocolate, and the dark chocolate (which is also called black).


The mousse:

·               0.44 lbs. black chocolate

·               0.44 lbs. white chocolate

·               0.44 lbs. milk chocolate

·               10 ½ tablespoons butte

·               0.33 lbs. creme fraiche (heavy cream)

·               15 eggs (separated)

·               For the English cream with mint:

·               2 pints milk

·               14 tablespoons granulated sugar

·               12 egg yolks

·               1 vanilla pod

·               1 bunch fresh mint



1.            To form the three-layered mousse: Line a rectangular (10x4x4) mold with sulfuric paper, folding the flaps out. Chop then melt the chocolates one by one. Separate 5 eggs. Boil ¼ cup crème fraiche then mix together with the black chocolate. Add 3 ½ tablespoons butter and the egg yolks. Whip the egg whites with a pinch of salt. When it’s already fluffy or foamy, add some sugar then whip just a little more. Get a portion of this then whisk with the black chocolate. Then mix in the rest of the fluffy egg whites by delicately lifting together with a rubber spatula. Pour this first mousse on the mold then spread using the back of a spoon to smoothen and flatten. Put it in the freezer for about half an hour.

2.            Repeat the procedure for the white then the milk chocolate but after the milk chocolate has smoothened and flattened, fold the flaps of sulfuric paper in to cover the mousse then freeze the whole thing overnight.

3.            For the light, mint custard cream: In a cooking pan, pour the milk. Slice in half the vanilla pod then add in. Boil. Infuse with the mint for about 2 hours. Beat 8 egg yolks together with sugar for about 2 minutes. Let the boiled milk cool, sieve then boil again. Add some into the beaten egg yolks then mix well. Pour it back into the milk. Finally, poach it then let it cool.

4.            Take the mousse, remove it from the mold by dipping the bottom and sides in warm water, uncover then turn it upside down and forcing it to fall. Remove the paper then turn a side to be the bottom part. Pour then spread a little custard cream on a serving plate. Cut a slice of the mousse then set it flat on the plate. Garnish with mint leaves. Serve cold.

Chocoholics watch out! One spoonful of this Chocolate Ice Cream Mousse and you will be hooked forever. Now there are chocolate mousse recipes that simply require folding whipped cream into melted chocolate. Good, yes, but to make a sublime chocolate mousse with that adorable “mouth-feel”, you also need egg yolks, whipped egg whites, and whipped heavy cream. Since there are so few ingredients in a chocolate mousse, the chocolate you pick is very critical. A chocolate mousse does not need cooking and you do not need fancy equipment. You only need three bowls, one for melting the chocolate and butter, the second for whipping the egg whites, and the third for whipping the heavy cream. (Note: We are using raw egg yolks and whites so the eggs should be very fresh with no cracks in the shell, and if you are worried about salmonella I would avoid this dessert.) So the first step is to melt the chocolate and butter and then whisk in the egg yolks. The next step is to beat, in separate bowls, the egg whites and the heavy cream. Then fold the whites and cream into the chocolate mixture, gently but thoroughly. And that is it. Scoop the mousse into pretty bowls or glasses and eat straight away or refrigerate for a few hours. I like to serve this dessert simply, as it really needs no adornment. But if you like, whipped cream, shaved chocolate, and fresh raspberries are perfect complements.


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