Diet Recipes

Are the best things in life really free?  For food perhaps not, especially if you want more heart-healthy food options which are commonly prepared with more costly ingredients. However, the best recipes that promote health, weight control and weight loss over the long term can be acquired free online, shared amongst friends or researched from a cookbook borrowed from a school or library.

Nutritious foods that not only boost weight loss but also improve health on various aspects can be regarded a notch above a simple low-calorie, low-fat dish.  For those on a diet, the most advantageous recipes additionally address other health issues like diabetes, improve heart health and overall digestion without side effects. Additionally, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor when trying to eat healthy. You may be surprised that by mixing and matching low calorie food and ingredients, a desirable yet healthy dish can be made.

An example of a sound dish is pretty much any green vegetable salad with a dressing accompaniment.  The high fiber content of green leafy vegetables assists in digestion and provides a solid amount of micronutrients.  Salad dressings however can be laden with saturated fat, artificial ingredients and preservatives.

An improved version of this would be one that’s topped with dried fruits and raw nuts and served with a low-fat dressing like a simple herb vinaigrette.  Dried fruits boost the nutrient content while nuts provide good fats and protein.

The best salad need not be expensive or difficult to prepare.  An splendid salad that’s good for dieters can stand on its own without other dishes to complete nutrient levels.  It undoubtedly uses all organic components like romaine lettuce and arugula, beet root, carrots, cherry tomatoes powered up with raw organic nuts and superfoods like blueberry or goji berry.  For dressings, organic ingredients like mustard, vinegar and extra virgin olive oil can be whisked together with natural sea salt and fresh herbs.

These “best in class” diet guidelines can definitely be applied for any dish from soups (use low sodium broth or better yet make it yourself), entrees (go for free-range grass-fed meats) and desserts (sweeten with low-glycemic alternatives rather than refined white sugar).

When preparing diet-friendly food, it is essential to know what health concern is top priority and work around this to create a great tasting dish.  Low-fat, low-cholesterol, low-carb, high-fiber, high-protein, vegetarian, vegan are some categories to start with.  A dish can be vegan, low-fat and high-fiber at the same time without much effort but to obsess one’s self to creating a perfectly healthy dish is impractical and virtually impossible as it will not be applicable for everyone.

Healthy food video recipes

Mushrooms in Vegetarian Cooking



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