Napkin Folding 101

More than cleaning off unwanted grub on the lips, a beautifully folded napkin is like a fine piece of art welcoming you as you sit down on your table.  Normally set at the middle of a table scene, some table napkins are folded in various manners, from cozy shapes, flowers, and sometimes animals.  When people suppose that there might be actually a subject in school in folding table napkins, there are books or tutorials online that demonstrate simple and mesmerizing ways to fold.

Unelaborate folds like pyramid or French folds are good for cloth napkins, and ordinarily these shapes are positioned at the middle of the plate.  Once in a while, these folds have functions to attractively store silverware other than have silverware positioned at the sides of the plate.  The paper napkin and silverware combination can be served during picnics or outdoor meals.  The silverware may work as a “weight” to keep the wind from bumping off the napkin, since it’s made of light material, normally paper or cloth.  Paper, being stiffer than cloth, has a lot of options for builds, almost like origami.   Many eateries prefer paper napkins than cloth as they are most cost-efficient and convenient.

Aside from fundamental white, cloth and paper napkins may come in several colors.  This usually depends on the personal taste of the host or the theme of the restaurant.  Paper or cloth napkins may also catch the color motif of a wedding ceremony, and some even have a fascinating napkin ring to match, which may be used as party favors.  Napkin rings may be made of metal, crystals, plastic, glass, mother-of-pearl, or even shells and beads strung together splendidly, like in a beach marriage or beach party.

Napkins molded like hearts or flowers are popular during Valentine’s Day or romantic dinners in fancy restaurants.  They may be even be dyed a rich red to fit the affair.  Sometimes, for dinners where a man proposes to a woman, if not during the dessert where the ring is strategically arranged at the cake slice, the engagement ring may be inserted creatively in the napkin folds, or if imaginative, may be placed and folded as a box.

Amusing and trendy folding may be shown in parties, specifically beach parties, outdoor barbecues, or children’s parties where napkins may be folded matching the  theme, such as fish, airplanes, or boats and other cool shapes depending on the host’s creative thinking.  Elegant shapes like flowers or fans are shown in more formal settings and restaurants.  Napkin folding is a way to jazz things up before food is served.

Watch napkin folding videos

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