Apple Pies

The aroma of apple pie wafting through the window is a classic image of our childhood where we would anxiously wait for the pie to be cool enough to eat for afternoon snack. The comforting scents of apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar is great to just unwind to after school or dinner. Delis and pastry shops have their own pies that may be preordered and purchased ahead of time, but nothing beats making the pie in the comfort of your own home, given the right ingredients.

Preparing apple pies may give us memories of our grannies and mothers, and this is an example of a recipe that may have been passed from homemaker to homemaker, that it has been nearly a family secret. This classic fall or summer dessert may be eaten with vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel syrup, providing a contrast of hot and cold, which can be quite delightful to eat. Making the pie is quite simple and necessitates a few standard ingredients, which can be obtained in the grocery, or if you have access to an apple tree, in your own backyard.

The most preferential apples to use for pie-baking are Golden Delicious apples. These green and slightly tart apples hold well during the baking process and the tartness contrasts with the sweetness of the butter and sugar. For optimal results, cut the apples thinly and layer them with the cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg filling.

The flaky crust is one of the textures to look forward to apple pie, which can be achieved by correct mixing of ingredients. Mix the flour with the butter or lard well until it resembles cornmeal and be sure that the water is very cold. A technique is to not over-knead or over-handle the pie crust, as this may alter the texture. Although there are pies that have a double crust, there are some that have a lattice top crust or just have one crust with brown sugar crumble on top.

This classic dessert is best dished out with tea to counteract with the sweetness, especially after a meal. During snack time, milk or juice may be served with this. This is also a special potluck share for family lunches, particularly during Fourth of July or Thanksgiving. It may also be bequeathed as gifts or giveaways during Christmas. The satisfying flavors and aroma of this delicacy reminds us of that time we look forward to this warm afternoon snack or dessert.


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