Meat Appetizers Recipes

Meat Appetizers Recipes

Cocktail receptions or sit down dinners are made more exciting with meat appetizers recipes that hint at the rest of the menu. While it may be considered hearty or filling to have meat appetizers served in the beginning of a meal, it is up to the guest to have his or her fill since most often than not, these treats are made into bite size pieces. So whether it’s a chunky piece of meat or just a smidgen used for flavoring, meat appetizers recipes are there to be savored at leisure and in the company of other meat-loving acquaintances.

Meat Appetizers Recipes 2

Meats that you can use in your meat appetizer recipes include duck meat (wrapped in an egg roll with a refreshing slice of cucumber and hoisin sauce is a winner), miniature tenderloin cuts of pork and beef, veal, chicken, and turkey. Create variety by offering the range of meats—white to red meats.

To maximize and offer variety, alternate cold and hot meat appetizers when you serve them. Arrange on the antipasti platter such cold cuts like salami, ham, pepperoni, sausages, bologna and chorizos. Serve them on a huge platter with cubed or sliced cheeses as well as green and black pitted olives. The platter can be made the day before, wrapped securely and chilled in the refrigerator.

The hot appetizers may be sautéed, grilled, baked or roasted (but in smaller pieces, of course). Miniature stuffed filet mignon and meatballs are already tempting, especially if you serve them with small containers of dips like mustard, horseradish, catsup, pickle relish and gravy. Keep the meatballs and filet mignon hot by having the staff do quick rounds or just lay these meaty appetizers on a chafing dish and let the guests do the pickings.

Meat appetizers recipes on skewers are also crowd-pleasing and creative concoctions. Alternate them with vegetables (like onions, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes) on the skewers and grill them. The vegetables will offer your guests a break from all the meat. Likewise, you can also make sausage and onions in a skewer by grilling or baking them.

Make meat as an element in the appetizer as well, by doing a roast beef dip, stuffing vegetables with chopped sausages, or wrapping food in bacon. Now bacon, that strip of good flavors and crispness, will make most everything it’s wrapped in taste great. Wrap it in scallops, potato slices, jalapenos, mushrooms, and even cheese, and you got yourself a winning and meaty appetizer.


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