Easy Appetizer Recipes

Easy Appetizer Recipes 

Appetizers are not the main event so sometimes, you’d want to make easy appetizer recipes without too much hassle. You don’t want to channel all your creative kitchen skills on the appetizers alone. If that is the case, your menu should only include no cook (or minimally cooked) appetizers and easy to assemble ingredients.

The open bag and serve kind of easy appetizers are chips and ready made dips. Select tortillas, nachos, toast breads, and other packaged crisps for your party platter. Herbed dips and salsas are available in supermarkets and delis to help make your appetizers easier to prepare. So use them.

Easy Appetizers Recipes 2

But if you want something to dip them with, and not from a jar, try these recipes in the collection: black bean and corn salsa would go well with the 10 minute guacamole. Meanwhile, the easy spinach dip and beer and cheese dip add flavor and excitement to crudités, crackers and toasts.

Little sandwiches can also be considered as easy appetizer recipes. Cut off the crusts and spread white bread with homemade sandwich spreads, fillings and toppings. Classic favorites are cucumber, chicken salad, grilled cheese, cream cheese and pesto, and smoked salmon. Slice, spread, and serve are all it takes to make these easy appetizer selections.

With a big, crusty bread, you can make it as vehicle for herbed cheese spreads. Whip up the cream cheese, season with basil or any herb of choice and scoop them onto the hollowed out part of the bread. It’s an instant bowl which you can eat as a tasty leftover later.

For an interesting appetizer, arrange a cheese platter with the works. Slice off a variety of contrasting (or similar) cheeses like chevre, mozzarella, cheddar, brie, and more. Pluck some grapes, raisins, dried apricots, and dates and alternate them with the cheese (or put them in the middle of the cheese platter since they are more colorful and eye catching). Wine would go well with the platter so have some handy to compliment the flavors of your cheeses. And you didn’t have to cook to make this appetizer.

If you want something a bit more fancier and want to make your kitchen work easier, it is best to make everything ahead. We have bacon wrapped scallops, caviar and eggs, french fry pizza pie, and grilled tomatoes in this collection. Do make them ahead, assemble on the day of the party and enjoy. You deserve it.


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