Desserts Recipes

Dessert Recipes

It’s understandable why dessert lovers would prefer eating desserts first. Dessert recipes are traditionally offered as the last course of the meal, a sweet repast best enjoyed leisurely with guests lingering on the table. A slice of cake, poached pears, mousse flecked with dark chocolate and silky with cream, a bowl of mangoes and watermelon balls, or an apple pie ala mode—it’s so tempting to jump to the last course than having to weave through the appetizer and the main course to get to this sweet sensation.

Dessert recipes 2

Dessert is always sweet. It tickles the palate, raises the spirit up with a little bit of sugar high and introduces tastes that savory dishes cannot accomplish. The cream in a savory pasta sauce is different and is at its most fundamental form in desserts. Combined with sugar, cream billows into a light and pleasing dessert—as part of a cream pie, filling for a strawberry shortcake, or folded into a chocolate mousse.

Chocolate is another story. Its antioxidants are a plus, but what we love the most about chocolates is how it transforms a cake, pie, cookie or tart into a divine meal. In chunks, chips, curls, or bar form, chocolate is always a pleasure to have on the dinner table.

In British, a dessert is simply “a fresh fruit served after a sweet course,” as defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  So perhaps after the pie or cake, a banana or apple is the final reward. In some cultures though, the fruit itself is already the sweet course. It suffices as dessert. As a dessert ingredient, fruits can be versatile. It provides a crunch, a tartness, and a full body to dessert recipes.

The Oxford English Dictionary traces the word to the French ‘desservir,’ which means to clear the table. Isn’t it nice to “clear” the table with a sweet course? On the site, we have gathered all the sweet stuff on the dessert recipes category. In gourmet desserts, you’ll find an almond galette, bananas flambéed in rum, cherries in vanilla ice cream and baked peaches.

Frozen desserts include homemade ice cream and pies served ala mode (with ice cream on top). For dessert for kids, thee are fun baby chick cupcakes, fudge, chewy chocolate cookie, and chocolate custard. Whip up some holiday-themed desserts like Christmas cakes and cookies. Special desserts for those with a healthy diet, a diabetic or vegan are also here. You won’t get to miss you dessert after all.


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