Roasted Strawberries With Grand Marnier

Roasted Strawberries With Grand Marnier

Strawberries already make for an elegant yet simple dessert. Chef Philippe Joffroy of Château de Trigance makes these fruits even more divine by roasting them in butter and Grand Marnier then serving them in a cookie or pastry cup. For best flavor, use only the sweet and fresh strawberries in season. They are bright red in color, plump and juicy. Chef Joffroy uses a ramekin to mold the pastry cup but if you don’t have a ramekin you can also use muffin or baking cups. The idea is to form a pastry to hold the berries in during serving (you can eat the cup as well!).


Chef Joffroy’s recipe involves making two free video recipes components of the dessert before assembly. That means part of it can be done ahead of time, specifically making the pastry cup and roasting the strawberries in butter with the Grand Marnier. The presentation counts too so when these two are ready, it will be more efficient as you assemble them beautifully on the plate. Just chill them and take out from the refrigerator when needed.


The dish may look and sound simple yet this concoction is complex in taste and texture. The roasted strawberries are flambéed in the Grand Marnier, which pretty much helps evaporate all the alcohol from the liqueur and all you are left with are the essence of this orange liqueur. The Grand Marnier is a mix of cognacs and distilled essence of bitter orange. The addition of the liqueur into the best cooking websites roasted strawberries parallels the addition of orange juice in the pastry cup mixture.


The strawberries are served as a filling for the golden pastry cup, which melts in the mouth with crispy and crumbly sensations. The chef garnishes the final dish with mint leaves on top of the strawberries, creating a beautiful contrast. With the tang of the orange, the nuttiness of the almond, and the refreshing mint, this dessert is a really sophisticated creation. Best served with a glass of Sauternes.


Roasted Strawberries With Grand Marnier



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