French recipes

French Gastronomy has made such an impact in the world of food in general and to the French people in particular that the UNESCO has inscribed it as an intangible cultural heritage in 2010 for healthy recipes videos.French cuisine has strongly influenced western cookery as well as culinary education using chef videos cooking. A chef usually studies French cooking techniques and terms as his or her foundation in culinary arts.

French recipes encompass a comprehensive cuisine that range from Escoffier’s haute cuisine (the meticulous prepared and presented gourmet meal enjoyed with the finest wines) to regional home cooking enjoyed by the bourgeoisie and peasants (simple dishes but nonetheless of sublime flavors). Regardless whether elaborate or simple, French recipes involve several steps in the preparation. The French rarely grill, instead they cook over the stove top and bake or finish the food in the oven. French recipes may involve stewing, poaching, braising, blanching and making sauces. Staples of itsflavor profiles include butter, cream, wine, fresh herbs and spices, fresh produce, cheese and bread. In this collection, two French recipes come from Alsace, a small region in France strongly influenced by German cuisine.
We have Alsatian walnut bread and vegetable soup. Others are familiar favorites like the bouillabaisse,chicken fricassee, stuffed guinea fowl, haddock and snail aioli, Burgundy eggs, asparagus Rissolee, potato gratin, and broulade with eggs. A French recipe collection is not complete without the revered, melt-in-the-mouth foie gras done several ways: chicory sautéed with foie gras, foiegras in salt crust, foie gras escalope and grilled foie gras. Dessert classics like the Tarte Tatin and a Normandy apple pastry,poached pears, crème brulee, terrine with orange a la mode and crepes Suzette make use of fruits and custards to end the meal with more memorable flavors. It would be polite to ask for seconds.

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