Mexican recipes

The entire traditional food chain in Mexico involves farm to table activities, including free video recipes, cooking and eating. With its interconnectedness to daily life, traditional Mexican cuisine has been inscribed in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010. Mexicanrecipe videos online derive from the interweaving of Aztec cuisine and influences from Spain and a bit of France. The key ingredients in the indigenous Mexican kitchen include corn, chillies, tomatoes and beans.

To these, Spain contributed oil and wine, cinnamon and cloves, rice and wheat peaches and apricots, and cattle for meat, milk and butter, says Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz in The Complete Book of Mexican Cooking. In selecting Mexican recipes for your menu, consider when it will be served.
Traditional Mexican meals include desayuno, a breakfast of breads and café conleche (milk coffee); almuerzo, a second breakfast with heartier fare like fruits, eggs,beans, tortillas and coffee; comida, the main meal of the day and merienda, alight evening meal like the desayuno taken from 6pm or 9pm. The cena is a dinner party held from 8pm until midnight.
With that in mind, your menu should consist of lighter fare for the early breakfast and merienda in the evening then heavier fare for the second breakfast,comida and the dinner party. Guacamole, with a recipe shown here, is prepared using mashed avocado mixed in with tomato, onion, Serrano chiles and seasonings. It can be served as a light sauce, salad or salsa for tortilla chips. Posole (pozole) is a soup stew with hominy, pork, chipotle, and tomatoes.Mexican black beans consist of pureed beans sautéed with tomatoes and onions and flavored with cilantro after a brief simmer. Beans, according to Ortiz, are served right after the main course and salad. Both can be served during the comida.

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