Healthy diet recipes

There are an infinite number of diets out there with video for cooking recipesmajority promising weight loss through a limited intake of food or modifications on what one consumes.  With cooking recipe videos the advent of mass media and e-media, one doesn’t have to go far to gain access to information for anyone who has any particular goal.  Losing weight is the single most aspired goal of a person to go on a diet.  Other motivations include addressing health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure or even recovery from cancer.

With so many diets around, scientifically-based or celebrity-endorsed, internet fads and bestselling books, one can find himself or herself in a conundrum to ascertain which one is best.  The soundest advise the most seasoned doctor, health advocate or even those who’ve “tried it all” is that there is no magic pill, a specific formula that will make people lose weight or become healthy.


Think about it: doesn’t a sustainable eating plan composed of nutritious, fiber-rich and nutrient-dense food with moderate fat content sound more appealing that regimented rigid plans like the cabbage soup, lemonade or chocolate diet?  Even though lemonade is refreshing and chocolate is undoubtedly delicious for most people, imagine just eating that one item for even the short period of time without anything else!  Undoubtedly, it will wreck more bad than good like developing hyperacidity and risk of elevated blood sugar, not to mention malnutrition.


Preparing healthy recipes at home should ideally be uncomplicated, effortless and delicious that doesn’t prohibit any kind of food and instead balances each food group in the correct amount.  Food groups include fruits and vegetables (go for organic); starchy food like bread, potatoes and pasta (whole grain or wheat is better than white processed and bleached); milk and dairy product (low-fat where possible); protein from meat, fish, eggs and beans (preferably hormone-free, free range or deep ocean than farmed); fat and sugar (low-glycemic and natural).

For specific health concerns such as nutrition deficiencies or medical conditions consult sound medical advice to ensure that that your diet is appropriate for your overall goals.

When trying out recipes for the first time, take time out to review the ingredients to ascertain if you and your family will enjoy it.  Do not prepare something just for the sake of the health benefits but consider the practicality and most importantly the taste.


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