Low cholesterol diet recipes

You’ll be happy to learn that a low cholesterol regimen doesn’t necessarily require letting go of your favorite michelin recipes dishes and dessert.

An interesting fact to know is the body can recipe videos online actually produce around 1,000 mg of cholesterol, a type of lipid found in animal sources and absent in plant-based food.  Dietary cholesterol should be kept at a reasonable 200 mg average.  Unlike fat which still has to be present in sufficient quantity, cholesterol can be practically excluded from your food intake without adverse effect.

The unfortunate fact is most animal-based products, especially foods in the standard American diet (S.A.D.) is laden with high levels of cholesterol, not to mention calories and fat.  Just thinking of burgers, ice cream, hot dogs, pizzas overloaded with different kinds of meats and cheeses is enough to make one’s mouth water and simultaneously evoke feelings of guilt.


Going for a more plant-based diet is a sure way to significantly lower cholesterol levels and improve the health especially the heart.  Stock up your refrigerator, freezer and pantry with beans, fruits, grains and vegetables and go easy on processed meat, dairy products and eggs.  Replacing animal products with plant-based alternatives is also recommended.  But watch out for sodium levels in meat replacers like texturized vegetable protein.


Most of the cholesterol found in eggs is in the yolk so you may want to just use egg whites in preparing omelets.  Egg replacers are also readily available for baked products.  Butter, cream and milk all have low-fat, low-cholesterol versions which can be used without adversely affecting the dish’s outcome.  Note that these replacements only limit cholesterol content and not necessarily result in a low calorie product.


Good cholesterol is also something worthwhile to read and learn about when planning out an eating plan.  A significant number of researches indicate that plant-based foods like high-fiber foods like beans, nuts and oats and even animal products like fatty fish like salmon, herring, halibut and even the humble sardine can help control your cholesterol levels.


Lastly, if you’re open to it. going vegetarian or vegan is a fast tract sure ball way of lowering your cholesterol level as the foods taken by are virtually free from animal products.  Vegetarians do not consume meat, fish and seafood while vegans totally eliminate animal products and by products including dairy products and eggs.  Be sure to be guided accordingly by a nutritionist, doctor or a friend who’s already on this lifestyle.


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