Low fat diet recipes

For most people who wish to lose weight, free video recipes for fat are the first item that is the first to go.  This is rightly so if it is done the proper way.  Fat after all contains a whopping nine calories per gram as compared to carbohydrates andrecipe videos for protein which contain only four calories per gram.  Simple logic follows that a tablespoonful of ceasar salad dressing is more fattening than a fat free dip.

Chose a day to start – today and not tomorrow!  Be realistic in terms of your goal and timeframe.  Acceptable healthy weight loss means shedding not more than two pounds in one week.  Trying to lose more than that, be sure to seek professional advice because your body can crash leading to more harm than good.  Studies show that yoyo dieting and fad diets eventually lead to more weight gain as dieters often revert to their old eating patterns after going on a diet.

The key to any eating program is not to think of it as a diet with strict rules and a lot of deprivation.  Instead, make subtle lifestyle changes that still allows for your favorite foods but in more reasonable amounts.  Lessening the fat in your meals and  snacks doesn’t mean sacrificing taste and texture.  It just means having to make certain substitutions and practical choices.


For cocktail parties, serve up avocado feta cheese stackers instead of a cheese and cold cut platter.  Though avocado is a fatty fruit, it contains good fat that in the long run raises good cholesterol in the body.  The lettuce, tomatoes and thinly sliced feta make it more healthy and filling.  Even a rich chocolate drink can be enjoyed once in a while by using low fat milk instead of whole milk.  This simple substitution can be applied in practically all drinks and desserts substantially reducing the fat content.


Going on a low fat diet doesn’t necessarily mean giving up thick creamy soups often made with cream and butter.  You can achieve a similar velvety texture and mouth feel by using low fat ingredients and pureeing it in a blender.


Do not go overboard and totally eliminate fat from your food intake.  Fats are required by the body to assimilate certain nutrients.  Vitamins A, D, E and K are vital in maintaining good health.   Though only a small amount of dietary fat is required to absorb these nutrients, it can still happen especially for really serious dieters who obsessively eliminate all fat, not realising the consequences.  This is a pity since all the nutrients otherwise assimilated when taken with dietary fat just passes away in the waste.  Totally avoiding fat can also lead to chronic illnesses.


Lastly, eat breakfast, increase fiber intake, drink lots of water and exercise for a happier healthier life!


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