Protein diet recipes

Eating programs that propound high levels of protein usually go hand in hand with a limited worlds best recipes consumption of carbohydrates.  This can be a sure fire way to lose weight but there should proper videos for cooking recipes guidance  as there could potentially be adverse effects.

Aside from weight loss, these types of diet are popular among athletes and body builders who wish to bulk up muscle mass.  While increased protein consumption is recommended for weight lifters and sportsmen, there is still a ceiling as to the amount taken especially if it is tie up with low-carbohydrate or zero-carbohydrate intake.

As we were taught when we were young, protein is a major source of energy.  50 grams is a widely accepted norm for intake with women needing less than men.  The weight of a person is also a factor.  For high-protein regiments, it should be spread throughout the day in all meals taken rather than just concentrated in one meal.

These simple and easy to prepare dishes are perfect examples that are delicious and nutritious.  One thing you’ll notice is the large amounts of meat and eggs combined with vegetables.  Conspicuously absent are the usual carbohydrate accompaniments to these dishes.


For breakfast, go for a couple of eggs cooked any style with a portion of lean chicken or turkey and a side salads of green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and cucumber.  Keep dressings and seasonings to simple vinaigrettes of red or white wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.  Another option would be low-fat yogurt topped with nuts or fresh fruits.


A lunch of meat, meat and more meat is common in high-protein diets.  Go for lean meat and complement with soft cheeses and beans and vegetables.  For a non-meat option, go for tofu and other soy products which are also rich sources of protein.


For dinner, it’s pretty much the same as lunch.  Try barbecued, baked, broiled or stewed chicken, lean pork, beef or fish balanced with fiber from a fresh salad or cooked vegetable side dish like buttered carrots and beans.  For the occasionally carbohydrate dish, choose whole grains products like brown rice, bread of pasta.  Consider taking your dinner well before you go to bed as it is not recommended to sleep with a heavy stomach as this strains the digestive system and liver.


Proper guidance is recommended as cholesterol levels can easily be elevated if this diet programme goes overboard. Other potential health risks include gout, kidney and liver problems, not to mention lack or energy and halitosis or bad breath.


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