Raw diet recipes

One health trend that has taken the world by cooking video recipes storm is raw foodism often associated with veganism, or the complete exclusion of animal products and gourmet cooking recipes by products.  This is one of the strictest forms of diets and attracts a limited number of people, usually vegans who progress from a cooked to raw plant-based regimen.

Challenging for lots of people wanting to go raw is how to do it and still be able to enjoy a great meal (much more a complete lifestyle).  For those who have grown up on a diet of heavily processed, fat- and sugar-laded food, giving up their favourite steak and potatoes, burgers, hotdogs and pizza is a struggle.  The advice of those who’ve successfully transitioned is not to do a 180 degree turn and give up what they love to eat and just eat vegetables.  Most of the time that just leads to deprivation and outright misery!  However, there are many motivations for people to consider this kind of lifestyle.  Most do it for health or ethical concerns, some form of vanity, or because it’s the latest fad in Hollywood.


For those who are considering to go raw vegan, it is recommended that they consult their health providers (alternative or Western) and someone who’s been on the path already who can guide you to what can be a great journey.  Aside from this, one has to prepare a budget as organic vegetables can get pricey.  A support group is also helpful as people on the same path can exchange recipes, ingredients and sources, etc.  And don’t jump into the bandwagon just for the sake of it.  Listen to your body and do it gradually preferably with a buddy so you don’t do it alone.  And a little raw food is better than none at all.


Done correctly, going raw detoxifies your system from the inside out as gunk from artificial ingredients found in most processed foods are eliminated.  Raw foodists claim that a healthy body comes from a healthy digestive tract.  Toxins that line your innards over the years lead to poor digestion which leads to a slew of other ailments.  Be careful preparing your raw food and make sure to wash your ingredients, equipment and hands well.


Now comes the challenge: How to make raw food taste good?!  The key is to use the best organic and natural produce available.  After all, you’re doing this for health, right?  Keeping it raw means keeping all the nutrients intact – so you don’t want to be preserving artificial potentially harmful chemicals.


One thing’s for sure, when you sit down to a purely raw food meal, you’re sure to have an interesting experience!  If it’s great tasting or not is another story.  But like any kind of cuisine, people react differently from the taste of raw food – some are amazed at the wide variety of dishes created from just plants – think noodles, pizza, even burgers.  On the other hand, a few get an upset stomach.


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