High fiber

Just like our houses and office desks, our bodies need to be cleaned inside and out.

We take a bath daily to clean the outside but for the inside, we need healthy easy cooking recipes with fiber.  It acts like a broom that sweeps out toxins and excess waste in the body.  Researches indicate that an easy recipies fiber-rich diet could help prevent dreaded illnesses like cancer and heart disease.  It also prevents constipation and helps with weight loss, especially for thyroid patients who are having difficulty losing weight due to the hormonal imbalance.


With how food styles and preferences have evolved, it is understandable that we need palatable versions of fiber-rich diet so we could enable to enjoy eating them as the thought such food gives most people the impression of dry, mealy foods.  Fiber-rich foods include bran, breakfast cereals, fruits, and vegetables.  Salads like autumn Waldorf salad and Asian coleslaw with radishes and miso dressing are interesting salads that go well with sandwich on rye bread.  If beans are mealy and dry, a fun and flavorful alternative could be barbecue baked beans.  Give snack time also a healthy fiber boost by serving nachos with black bean and corn salsa.


Fruits like apples, pears, bananas, blackberries and figs rank high in fiber content.  With apples, the skin has the rich source of roughage so don’t peel off the skin.  Just wash the fruits very well to rid of potential germs.  These fruits make an excellent afternoon snack.  Pineapples are also excellent in itself.  Besides, don’t pineapples remind you of summers by the beach?  With these fruits, enjoy them cold instead of juice form.  Just like the apple peel, the fruit pulp here is the one rich in fiber.  Strawberries are additionally excellent sources of vitamin C.  Chop them up and mix with cereal, eat it raw, or puree and serve on top of ice cream.  Blend strawberries with another fiber-rich fruit like banana for a healthy fruit shake for summer.


Also, try incorporating more vegetables in the diet.  Vegetables like avocado, broccoli, and asparagus are very rich in fiber.  Asparagus and broccoli can be eaten as side dishes to steak or your favorite meat.  Try making fresh guacamole and serve with nachos and salsa (strawberries also can be made into salsa for a fruity summer treat).


Fiber-rich foods aren’t just the mealy and dry foods you avoid.  Go to the vegetable garden or orchard and find colorful and flavorful fruits and vegetables that are great as snack or dessert and stirred in the main course.


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