Low carb recipes

Low-carbohydrate diets are usually prescribed for best cooking videos weight management.  What happens here is that the traditional food pyramid is rearranged.  Where the greatest portion is starches, rice, chef videos cooking and breads, a bit of switching is used to lessen carbohydrate consumption and bigger portions of protein and fats are used.  These special diets are usually given not only for weight control but also those having cardiovascular syndrome, high blood pressure, and diabetes (since sugar levels need to be controlled).  Take note too, that these diets do not necessarily mean just the famous Atkins diet.  There are other diet programs that follow this scheme.


Reading up on reduced carbohydrate diets, you would find out that there is a vast array of foods to choose from even eliminated starches.  It’s actually a very flavorful lifestyle, and far from boring.  Bacon-wrapped scallops and bourbon-beer rib eye steaks have rich and robust flavors suitable for a dinner party or weekend barbecue.   Beyond pumpkin pie is the perfect (and guilt-free) Thanksgiving dinner dessert (or have it all-year round!).


The usual starch or “white food” may be substituted for goodies like tofu (which, by the way, is also an excellent source of protein), cauliflower, and onions.  Onions sautéed in butter taste awesome over grilled pork.  For a light, healthy siding, heat some olive oil, toss in blanched cauliflower florets, and add sprinkling of seasoning and serve with seafood or steak.


With the influx of rich flavors and meats in a reduced-carb diet, it is important to not go overboard.  Sure, we eliminate carbohydrate but again, too much of a good thing can be harmful.  Eat small portions first and come back for more.  The good thing too about eliminating and/or lessening carbohydrates is that you get to enjoy a variety of flavors since carbs usually “fill” us up making us full faster.  Yes, we are allowed steak and bacon in this diet, but make sure to have everything in moderation so as to avoid other health complications.


A low-carb diet is an acquired lifestyle.  At first, there will be carb withdrawals especially if you’re someone who’s used to eating a lot of starch.  But little by little, the body adjusts to it.  Consult your dietician on how to slowly wean yourself from carbohydrates and how to ease it in slowly until your body and mind gets used to the program.  It’s all about committing to it, and then who knows if you may enjoy the food and it develops into a personal lifestyle?


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