Low sodium

“Pass the salt” is a common thing being heard in the food table. We all need our salt one way or the other.

Aside from providing flavor in best cooking videos, table salt is the most common source of sodium.  Sodium is a nutrient that is needed by the body to regulate blood pressure, blood volume, and osmotic equilibrium.  Aside from the white substance found in your condiment stand, sodium can be found in beef jerky, pickles, and processed meat, as salt is a main ingredient in food preservation.

Too much sodium could be a bad thing in chef videos cooking.  An example of this could be the bloating from eating too much junk food or chips.  Bloating is just a tip of the iceberg.  Long-term diseases as a result of too much sodium could be hypertension, heart disease, high blood pressure, and kidney complications.  Today’s fast-paced life resulting in a diet consisting mostly of preserved foods could be the cause of this.


Those suffering from hypertension and high blood pressure are advised to have a low-sodium diet, which limits sodium intake to 1500-2400 mgs of sodium per day (approximately less than a teaspoon).  This isn’t as boring as totally removing salt from food and eating bland and tasteless food.  Just like creating art, it’s time to bring out creativity in tickling the taste buds.  How about using apples and cinnamon, commonly found in popular dessert to flavor prawns in olive oil? Substitute candied citrus peels for a TV snack instead of a bowl of chips.  If butter and toast is a staple in your breakfast meals, then try unsalted butter instead (available also at the grocery section).


In these recipes, most of the meats used are fresh meats found in the meat section of the market or grocery instead of them being in canned or smoked forms, eliminating the need of excess salt.  Flavorings such as sugar, herbs, honey, and pepper can be used.  For a fresher, sharper peppery taste, crack the peppercorn with a mortar and pestle.  A bit of tang?  Use some lime or lemon juice or freshly-pressed garlic.


A low-sodium diet can be fun.  It’s all a matter of exploring the spice rack or travelling to the meat section.   There are interesting flavors to be tasted and new dishes created.  Having fun creating these delicious meals can save you money from eating out, and your heart health will thank you for it.


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