Vegetarian Simple Recipes

Vegetarian food is in so many ways good for you as it has high amounts of phyto-nutrients that boost the immune system, provide quality energy and age-reversing antioxidants.

Healthy recipes videos dishes need not be expensive complicated to prepare or buy ingredients for.  The most delicious foods are online recipes videos oftentimes made with the most basic, even humble, ingredients from nature’s bounty.

More and more people are turning towards vegetarianism as part of a healthy lifestyle choice.  Several factors that affect a person’s healthy adversely cannot be helped like pollution and stress.  However, the food one puts into his or her body is something that one has control of.

Vegetarian food is in so many ways good for you as it has high amounts of phyto-nutrients that boost the immune system, provide quality energy and age-reversing antioxidants.  Aside from this, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is high in fiber that aids in overall digestion from the absorption of vitamins and minerals to the elimination of waste.  This promotes weight loss which is a common motivation of turning vegetarian.


There are several variations of this lifestyle practise in varying levels devoid of animal products: beef, pork, poultry, fish and seafood.  Strict vegetarians, commonly called vegans, exclude all forms of animal products from their diets.  Lacto vegetarians consume milk and dairy products such as cheese, butter and cream while a ovo-lacto vegetarians additionally eat eggs.  More recent practises include pescetarians who allow themselves fish and seafood while flexitarians are predominantly vegetarians who consume animal products occasionally in special circumstances.


In any type of style of food preparation, simplicity can be achieved by using easy-to-find ingredients and/or using uncomplicated cooking methods.  This doesn’t mean that flavor and texture should be compromised as virtual rainbows of flavors are abundant in the plant kingdom.  Sweet and sour fruits, crisp and green vegetables from the leaves, stems, roots, fruits and flowers of plants are eaten raw or transformed into an array of dishes from appetizers to salads and soups, main courses to desserts and beverages.  Spices, herbs and oils are also widely used to add dimension to these dishes.


One has to take extra care in preparing these dishes since a lot of nutrients may be lost in the cooking process.  A light steam or sauté best preserves vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are vital in a vegetarian lifestyle.  Additional care should also be taken in transitioning into this lifestyle as it is easy to fall into a situation wherein important macro and micro-nutrients be depleted such as protein, calcium and iron.  A vegetarian who is not careful can also consume too much fat from nuts, seeds and oil.  A ideally balanced plate is comprised of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and oils.


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