Vegetarian Soup

Throughout the world, countries have their own versions of these dishes from French onion soup, Hungary’s goulash, and Japan’s sukiyaki to various versions of consommés, noodle soups and bisques from Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Nothing beats a cup (or bowl if you’re extra hungry) of hot steaming soup on a cold winter or rainy day.  There’s videos for cooking recipes something about the aroma, whether it’s an easy cooking recipes simple vegetable broth or hearty chunky chowder, which comforts and reminds one of a home-cooked meal from mom’s kitchen.

Usually served as a starter course after an appetiser, soups can also serve as a main course if it has lots of texture and substantial components, usually meat and chunky vegetables, and served with bread.  They range in texture from light broths, usually with vegetables and noodles, to thick almost stew-like dishes brimming with various ingredients.  Soups are also popular as a light meal or snack especially when one is under the weather.


Vegetarian are spoilt for choice with the abundance of ingredients that can be used to make soup–from deep green spinach, broccoli leaves and flowers to bright yellow-orange pumpkin, corn and peppers to purple beet root, cabbage and eggplant.  The colors in it are indicative of the abundant phytonutrients present.  Should you still want the texture and mouth feel of meat, mushrooms, firm tofu and vegemeat (texturised vegetable protein) may be used.


Soups together with salads are among the easiest dishes to prepare without the addition of meat.  Recipes here use highlight fresh vegetables.  Feel free to substitute vegetables with what’s in season.  Not only are you assured of a fresher product, but ingredients are cheaper too.  Squashes, gourds can take the place of zucchini.  Rapini, a vegetable similar to broccoli widely used in Italy can be replaced with leafy greens such as kale.  Vegan options do not contain any milk, cream or butter.


Vegetarian goulash takes out the meat component and uses potato and a variety of vegetables made more flavorful with spices and red wine.  It is served hot and chunky and is a great meal in itself with complete protein from beans and carbohydrates from the starchy vegetables and gnocchi, a unique soft dumpling made from potatoes.


Herbs and spices can also be played around with to create different flavour profiles yielding a totally different dish.


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