Breakfast diet recipes

Breakfast could be the best food recipes in the world in very well be the easiest and at the same time most difficult meal to create healthy recipes for.  If you’re the type of person who just drinks multiple cups of black coffee in the morning before the noontime meal, then healthy recipes videos is you’re in for a treat because you’ll have to eat something more.  But it you prefer the pancake tower slathered with butter, maple syrup and rashers of crisp bacon, then that’s a totally different story!

Breakfast without a doubt is the most important meal of the day.  The term is derived from literally ending an extended period of time that a body goes without food.  The human body after sleep will definitely need something to go on to perform optimally until lunch time and this isn’t just a cup of coffee!

Children’s growing bodies and developing brains require their morning meal more than adults because their bodies and minds are in the stage of development and growth.  Depriving them of a healthy breakfast will surely do harm in the long run.

Healthy. low calorie breakfast fare sometimes don’t even require a recipe.  A fresh fruit plate, preferably organic, is a perfect example of morning fare.  Go for what’s in season to optimize nutrient content, flavor and lowest cost.  Don’t go overboard and eat too much since fruit though natural and nutrient rich still has sugars which could be an issue for diabetics if taken in excess.

Imagine a breakfast banana split?  Takes a minute to prepare but gives lots of vitamins, minerals and fiber.  Just cut up some kiwi, oranges segments and a banana and serve like in a nice glass dish (without ice cream of course).

Alternatively, eat fruits as part of other items on your morning plate or incorporate it in your drink.  Breakfast smoothies are perfect for those who do not have the appetite for something solid early in the day after they wake up (and have to go off to work before hunger develops).  Chuck your favorite fresh and/or frozen fruit in a blender and whiz up with some water and ice, sweeten with a low glycemic sweetener like agave nectar and increase protein and calcium by adding Greek yoghurt and voila!  Power up your smoothie with super foods like blueberries, hemp, or flax seeds for an added kick.  Vegan?  No worries!  Use soymilk, coconut water or nut milks instead!

Don’t think too much of making your morning fare diet-friendly.  Simply reduce those items which you know are excessively high in fat and sugar and increase high-fiber options.


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