Carb diet recipes

Programs that gourmet food recipes limit carbohydrate content are among those that leave the dieter feeling the most deprived – unless you happen to be among the few who can go without quick and easy gourmet recipes like bread, potatoes, pasta and rice.  Quite a lot of diets, fad and otherwise, are based on modifications of a high-protein, low-carbohydrate eating regimen.  The most popular of which are the Atkins and South Beach diet.

With the abundance of low-, no-carb options in the marketplace, plus the several takeout and food delivery services that dedicate themselves to low-carb, one can easily feel confident that it’s easy and sustainable, after all there’s options for practically anything you need: entrees, snack items and even desserts.

However, like any diet program, it is recommended to be adequately knowledgeable of what you’re getting into before diving in.  It is even better to be familiarized with the fundamentals of any diet program so that you are aware of what it can do to your body including potential side effects.  This is particularly applicable for carbohydrate restricted programs.  After all, we have been taught by our parents and teachers that carbohydrates are a major part of a balanced diet providing the majority of energy as well as fiber.

In a nutshell, carb diets pertain to many popular programs that recommend the reduction of food that is high in carbohydrate content.  Some are more specific and indicate high-glycemic food to cut down on.  This has several permutations as to how the inventor or proponent approaches this.  Usually the differences lie in the degree of carbohydrate reduction, the proportions of the food groups consumed, the combinations and the even the pacing or timing of the consumption of carbs during the program.  To go into the details of these programs could easily overwhelm any reader, even the seasoned dieter.

Go online or visit your neighborhood bookstore’s health or food section and pick up a book about the topic and read on it thoroughly and if you are confident that it will benefit you, then by all means, try it for yourself!

If you are one that goes for meat and all its delicious high protein goodness, you’ll be spoiled for choice.  Imagine minted spring lamb as a treat you can indulge in?  Or a thick half-pound burger, juicy T-bone steak or a roast chicken?  The downside is, you have to go without the side dishes that make it more enjoyable – the mashed or baked potato, bread or rice.  A fresh green salad instead perhaps?


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