Healthy Quick Vegan Recipes

Vegans, especially those cooking recipes who are new to this fast becoming popular healthy meals, are more often than not challenged by the perceived limitation of the foods that they consume.  People trying this out imagine a life eating only solely plant-based diet devoid of meat; poultry and dairy have second thoughts of reverting to the conventional carnivorous diet despite the countless detrimental effects overly meat-based diet havoc on the health.

However, have a conversation with a long-time vegan and you’ll be surprised that they can create a wide array of dishes for all meal periods, all occasions using only vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.  One is assured by the health claims an animal product-free diet confers: ideal weight maintenance, natural detoxification, avoidance of lifestyle diseases, diabetes prevention or reversal and much more.  Some even claim age reversal effects on a cellular level as anti-oxidants are highly concentrated in plant-based foods.

quick vegan recipes

Preparing vegan dishes is actually very much compatible with a fast-paced lifestyle as virtually all fruit and vegetables can be eaten with little or no cooking.  What could be simpler than a tossed salad of raw greens and sliced up root vegetables?  Rather than sausages or bacon and eggs, a convenient kid- and adult-friendly breakfast could be a home-made muesli composed of oats, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, seeds with protein-rich nut milk poured over it.  Soups are also very easy to prepare without meat and dairy products.  Make it hearty and healthy by using vegetables and grains.

To address concerns of potential deficiency of important nutrients, the proper balancing of the components of a vegan diet is vital.  The basic food groups include vegetables which can be further classified as green leafy and root crops, fruit, nuts, seeds, grains, fats and oils.  Confer with a health professional, nutritionist of even someone who has gone down this path to get practical advice.

On the other side of vegan food preparation are intimidating dishes that require unconventional procedures such as fermentation, sprouting and dehydration.  Vegans take these time consuming steps to gain more health benefits from the foods they consume and add texture, flavor and depth.  Fermenting foods naturally created probiotcs which help improve digestion and the assimilation of nutrients in the colon.  Sprouting seeds, nuts and grains create “living food” that are chocful of enzymes and phyto-nutrients.  Dehydration changes the texture and flavor of food as well as concentrates nutrients rather than cooking them away.


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