Healthy Vegan Recipes Desserts

Easy dessert recipes in the world are sometimes the most anticipated course in food recipe.  A not-so-pleasant meal can be somewhat rescued if there’s a great tasting dessert.  Being the last food course, before coffee and tea, it is an opportunity for restaurants to make a final positive impression and provide added revenue.  The catchphrase “there’s always room for dessert” is a justification for those with a sweet tooth who may have enjoyed a heavy meal but still want their slice of cake or scoop of ice cream.

easy vegan dessert

The word originates from the same French word dessert “to clear the table” or “to serve”.  In the olden times, before the manufacture of sugar, naturally sweet fruits and honey were the original desserts consumed.  With the invention of processed sugar in the Middle Ages, more and more variations of food were sweetened to make it more palatable and sometimes to improve shelf life.  Nowadays, everyone can enjoy a sweet end to a meal from a simple fruit salad to a decadent chocolate trifle.  Being naturally sweet, these are often enjoyed as comfort foods, reminding one of home-cooked pleasure.  Custards, puddings, flans, cakes, pies, cookies and ice cream rank high among dessert comfort foods.

Healthy vegans desserts are the most easy to prepare as this course usually does not contain any meat products which are more prevalent in savory dishes.  Vegetable shortening conveniently replaces butter while other dairy ingredients like milk, cream and cheese can be replaced with soy versions, nut milks and ground seeds.  And since it is not loaded with refined sugars and animal fats, it is a healthier version, low-glycemic and cholesterol-free.  Low-glycemic food and sweeteners do not rapidly elevate person’s blood sugar upon consumption, a concern of those who have diabetes.

Fruits, nuts and seeds are the superstars in vegan desserts.  Though refined white sugar is widely used, more health-conscious vegans replace this with less processed or low-glycemic sweeteners like honey, raw and brown sugar, extracts from sweet plants like stevia and agave, available in health food stores.  Vegan desserts easily compare with those that contain dairy and eggs because there are many alternatives that can be used that retain the quality of the end product minus the saturated fat and cholesterol.

 easy vegan desserts

Despite the fact that vegan desserts are generally much healthier, like any type of foods, these should still be consumed in moderation!


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