Healthy Meal: Hot Wings

Have you been looking for a easy appetizers recipe in order to make the best chicken wings? They really are a fun treat or main course to suit your friends and relations. It is frequently a terrific dish that everyone generally seems to love, but not every person loves them grilled the same way. Some prefer scorching chicken wings while others like a lot more mellow chicken wings. Some eaters prefer chicken wings over loaded all sorts of marinade and other people enjoy these with simply no sauce in any way. Certainly, this is as to why it’s usually very important to offer choices for your friends and relatives. Giving your family and friends a handful of different possibilities will assure the most wonderful and best wings for all individuals!

hot wings1

Cold beer and Hot wings is a perfect match made in heaven, or hell, whichever you prefer. Commonly seen in frat parties, backyard barbecues, bistros, bars, and sports night, deliciously hot chicken wings is universally enjoyed and easily appreciated by almost any nation, culture, gender, or age. In an instant, you can throw a party without any fuss simply by cooking a large batch of this hot wings recipe. Served with ice cold beer or red wine, hot chicken wings is great for almost any occasion whether summer, spring, winter, or fall. Unpretentious and delicious, you can’t go wrong with this dish should you decide to cook it for a potluck.



Ingredients: 8-10 wings, 1 cup butter (melted), 2 cups flour, 2 eggs whipped

For the Sauce: 1 tbsp garlic powder, 1 tsp crushed red pepper, 2 tbsp sirarcha sauce, 1/8 cup tabasco (or other hot sauce), 1 tsp pepper, 1 tsp cayenne, 1 tbsp mustard, 1 cup parmesan

hot wings2


Preparation Instructions:

Make sure the wings are not frozen. Pat them dry with a cloth to absorb moisture. In a shallow bowl, beat some eggs. Lay out flour on a sheet on a clean table. Dust wings with flour, coat with the eggs, and coat thinly again with flour. Fry in butter and oil at about 360 degrees F until golden brown and lay aside. Combine garlic powder, crushed red pepper, siracha, Tabasco, pepper, cayenne, mustard, and parmesan and heat together in oil to warm. Pour sauce over wings. Fry for 5-10 minutes again until sauce is dark. Serve hot and enjoy!

For exceptional tasting chicken wings, you have to fry the chicken in oil and butter until crispy and golden. To do this, you need a deep-fryer, a deep skillet, or a Dutch oven. To make it truly crispy, you coat the chicken wings with flour and beaten eggs but don’t coat it too thickly or the batter will burn before the meat is cooked through. You don’t want the flour and eggs to overwhelm the juicy and crispy chicken skin which is where most of the good greasy addictive flavor is concentrated.




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