Fish Recipe: Char Fillet with Mushrooms and Parsley Oil

Char fillet with mushrooms and parsley oilThis healthy dinner dish is composed of three simple components (as suggested by the title): the fried char fillet, the mushroom ragù, and finally, the parsley sauce (also called “parsley oil” but so as not to confuse it with “parsley’s essential oil,” this description section will refer to it as “parsley sauce”).

Parsley is one of the oldest spices known, often used as a garnish or a decoration. It is also known for its refreshing herbaceous flavor which comes from its essential oils that can be collected from its seeds. Its essential oil also doesn’t only give good flavor but also has lots of medicinal benefits.The parsley sauce is simply done by mixing grape oil and finely chopped flat parsley. It will serve as the sauce for the fillet excellent for fish recipes.

Ragù is an Italian meat-based sauce commonly served with pasta. It was created with the influence of the French ragoûts – a main-dish stew. In this dish, we make mushroom ragù instead, which will not use meat but mushroom then will simply be flavored with meat broth. Char fillet will also be used in the place of the pasta cooking recipes. Char (also charr or salvelinus)is a genus of salmonid fish. Most char are sports fish but there are a few, just like the lake trout used in this dish, which is used commercially and in aqua farming. Cooking the char fillet is the easiest part. You simply have to fry it andthat’s why it’s done last.The combination of the three would be something you’d find interesting, at the least.

Ingredients: 2.64 lbs. char fillet, 1/2 lb. mushrooms mix, olive oil (for roasting), salt, pepper, 1 tablespoon parsley and shallots, chopped, ½ teaspoon chopped garlic, 1 cups dark veal fond (stock, well reduced)

For parsley oil: 3/4 cup grape oil, 2.8 oz. flat parsley

Preparation Instructions: Char Fillet with Mushrooms and Parsley Oil Recipe

Parsley oil: In a blender, mix well together grape oil and flat parsley seasoned with salt and pepper. Mushroom ragù: Sauté the mushrooms and shallots seasoned with parsley and garlic in olive oil. Add the veal broth then reduce. Add lemon juice if desired. Fry the char fillet in olive oil. Use medium flame. Heat the parsley oil a little bit.

Presentation: Surround a serving plate with parsley leaves. Spoon some mushroom ragù into the middle of the plate. Drizzle some parsley oil around the ragù. And finally, put a char fillet on top of it.

Chef Etienne Krebs often uses char that was caught freshly at the river just at the back of his kitchen, the Lac Léman or Lake Geneva. Although you can use ones from the market, it’s simply best to use freshly caught ingredients especially if you know how to clean them properly. To accompany this dish, it’s suggested you try the Chardonne grand cru Domaine des Ruyres or Chardonne Domaine des Grand Cru Rueyres, a 1999 vintage made from a Chasselas grapes that has strong fruity tones especially quince. It’s somewhat a heavy wine but it ends with a good acidity. Just perfect to complement the taste of the dish –bon appétit!



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