Fish Recipe: Trout with Walnuts

Trout with walnutsTrout fillets sautéed in butter and dressed in walnut sauce made of walnut wine, crushed walnuts, cream, and fish fumet make a sensational main course that is light yet intoxicating. This is a unique and refreshing fish healthy dinner recipe that will arouse the interest and stimulate the palate of your guests. Make this for something new and sophisticated to serve to family and friends.

Vin de noix or walnut wine is traditionally made in the Perigord region of France where walnut trees are abundant. Walnut wine is made with green unripe walnuts, red wine, sugar, and distilled alcohol. The mixture is placed in a bonbon jar and left for 40 days up to six months. It improves with age and can be kept for a longer period. It makes a great Christmas or holiday drink, warming, soothing, nutty and sweet. In fish recipes, walnut wine is reduced with chopped walnuts and moistened with fish fumet and thickened with cream to make a delicious walnut sauce to flavor the tender and juicy trout fillets.

Ingredients: 4 trout (about 0.66 lbs. each), 3 1/2 oz. walnuts, 3/4 cups walnut wine, 1 pint creme fraiche (sour cream), butter, salt, pepper, 1 pint fish fumet

Preparation Instructions: Trout with walnuts Recipe

Prepare the trout fillets. Season and set aside. In a saucepan, boil the walnut wine with the crushed walnuts. Add the fish fumet. Reduce by half and add cream. Season. Gently thicken in a slow simmer. Fry the trout fillets with the skin side down in a pan with butter. Cook on both sides until the skin is golden and the flesh is opaque. Place the trout fillets on serving plates. Pour some sauce over them and decorate with some dill.

The fish fumet should be prepared in advance so that is ready to use when you make this recipe. You can use the trout head, bones, and carcasses to make a flavorful fish stock, which only takes less than an hour to make. Boil the fish bones with some white wine and water and add vegetables and herbs to make it more flavorful and aromatic. Simmer for about twenty to thirty minutes until the flavor from the bones are extracted. Season this with salt and pepper. Fresh trout smells clean and a bit like cucumbers. It’s a freshwater fish so it won’t smell of the sea. Bright red gills and glistening skin are a good indication that the trout is recently caught fresh from the waters. Fresh trout should be eaten as soon as possible after buying for superior flavor and texture.



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