Ice Cream Recipe: Melon Glazed with Acacia Nectar and Fresh Mint

Melon Glazed with Acacia Nectar and Fresh MintRefreshing easy desserts that has all the flavors of the sunshine in it, Melon with acacia honey syrup and fresh mint effortless and elegant ice cream recipes dish that will cure any anxiety and relieve all the tension of the day. It is a sweet and nutritious treat ideal for cooling off during the hot summer afternoons.  In this recipe, Chef Mario d’Orio uses overripe melons from Cavaillon, a town in Provence famous for its sweet melons.

You can determine the ripeness of a melon based on its weight. Ripe melons are heavier than unripe ones and have a sweet heady fragrance. For this dish, you need to use an overripe melon for making the juice or sauce, and another melon that is just the right ripeness, which will be sliced thinly and served in a plate. The melon juice is made with Acacia honey and lime and reduced until they become unctuous. The reduced sauce is then poured over the fresh melons and mint is used to garnish the dish.

Ingredients: 4 melons, 1/2 lb. acacia honey, 4 green lemons, 1 bunch mint

Preparation Instructions: Melon Glazed with Acacia Nectar and Fresh Mint Recipe

Remove the center of a melon then juice it. Place the juice on a shallow pan and set it to boil. Then, juice some lemon. Mince some of the peel and add it on the juice. After five minutes, halfway before the juice boils, pour some acacia honey and the lemon juice on it. Remove the center from another melon then peel it. Cut into thin slices. Set it on a serving plate in a circular manner. When the melon juice is reduced and unctuous, take it from the heat and put it into the refrigerator. Mince some mint leaves. Take the melon juice when nicely chilled and pour it over the melon. Sprinkle it with the minced mint leaves and garnish with whole mint leaves. Enjoy it while cold.

Cavaillon is unofficially the French capital of melons. For a fruit to be labeled Melon de Cavaillon, it has to pass a high and strict standard of density, appearance and sugar content.  Only a minority of the overall melon harvest passes this test and there are not enough of them for export.  Finding Melon de Cavaillon outside of France, therefore, could be quite difficult.  The honey used in this recipe is also special. Acacia honey is a honey variety that comes from nectar gathered from the blossoms of the acacia tree.  This type of honey has a very delicate vanilla or floral flavor with a light yellow, almost transparent color. It also has a high concentration of fructose and can remain in a liquid state for a long period without crystallizing.



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