Easy Appetizer: Corn with Butter and Cheese Recipe

Corn with Butter and Cheese RecipeButter and cheese make freshly cooked corn extra delicious easy appetizers in this simple recipe. This makes healthy snack and healthy meals can also be served as a side dish to grilled meats, ribs, roasts, or fish. Make this for weekend barbecue parties, picnics, or summer get-togethers. The sweet and crunchy corn is made creamy with butter and all the more tasty with cheese. You can season the corn with salt but if your cheese is salty enough then you don’t have to add anymore salt. You can spice up the corn with freshly ground pepper or add some cayenne or red chili powder for a little kick.

When buying fresh corn, make sure you buy it on the cob. The natural sugars in corn start converting to starch immediately after it is harvested so it is best to cook corn on the day it is picked and bought. When the sugars convert into starch, the corn becomes mealy and tough with diminished flavor. Corn that has been sitting out in the sun all day is more likely to be starchy rather than sweet.

Ingredients: 5 ears corn, off the cob, 100gms. grated American cheese, 4 tablespoons melted butter, seasonings to taste

Preparation Instructions: Corn with Butter and Cheese Recipe2

In a pot, boil the corn for about 20 minutes. Once corn becomes tender drain and set aside. Put butter and corn in a saucepan and let it cook for a couple of minutes. Add the grated cheese and season with salt. Place in the serving tray and serve.

Select corn that feels full in your hand and appears plumb with a lot of silky and sticky golden hairs sticking out of the cob. The more the hair the more the kernels in the corn. The husks should have a nice green color and not brown or browning. It the bottom of the corn where it was broken off the stalk has turned brown then the corn is at least two days old and not freshly picked. You know that the corn is fresh if you pop out a kernel and the juice that comes out of it is milky. To husk the fresh corn, peel the husk from the corn starting from the top and remove it completely and remove all the silky hairs.

Source: www.gourmandia.com


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