Appetizer Recipe: Foie Gras Pot au Feu with Celery

Foie gras pot au feu with celeryGod is in the details, especially when it comes to preparing gourmet appetizer recipes meal. The little things when done with love and attention will add up and create a brilliant outcome. In healthy recipes by Chef Etienne Krebs, Foie Gras is stewed in a thick broth flavored with celeriac and Madeira wine. The method may seem simple but it takes careful preparation and thoughtful presentation to successfully execute this delicate dish. Pot-au-feu, which means “pot on fire” in French, is the most celebrated dish in France and the quintessence of French family cooking.

Starting with a heavy poultry broth, Chef Krebs cooks the diced celeriac and simmers it with a Madeira wine. This recipe uses only a few ingredients so each ingredient is crucial to create a harmonious whole. The broth must be flavorful, the celeriac fresh, and the Madeira wine authentic. Make the poultry broth ahead of time. For best results, the vegetables (consisting of onions, carrots, and celery) and the chicken must be covered with water and simmered for several hours until the poultry falls apart. The chicken meat is taken out and the bones are simmered for several more hours to extract all the flavors from the bones.

Ingredients: 1 foie gras (1.45 to 1.76 lbs.), 2 pints spiced fowl bouillon, 3 tablespoons Madeira, 2/3 cup diced celeriac (celery root), salt, pepper, 7 tablespoons round celery slices (about 4/5 inch x 2 inches x 1/5 inch)

Preparation Instructions: Foie gras pot au feu with celery Recipe

Dice the celeriac into small cubes. Cook in a heavy poultry broth. Flavor the broth with Madeira wine and simmer for seven to eight minutes. Cut the foie gras into large cubes and season with salt and pepper. Place it in the broth with the celeriac. You must be careful not to cook it too hot. Just simmer it and let it bubble for a minute or two.  Cut celeriac into julienne slices and fry until crispy and stringy. Use fried celeriac strings to decorate the bowl that will be used to serve the broth. Place it on the outer side of a wide-lipped shallow bowl. Also add a pinch of extra fine salt on the side. When the foie gras has finished simmering, place the broth in the bowl with cubes of foie gras and celeriac. Finish the arrangement with a few slices of fried celery garnished on top of the dish.

Celeriac has a mild taste that is a cross between parsley and celery with hints of turnip. When cooked in the broth, it will release its tangy zesty flavors. The fruity, nutty and somewhat spicy taste of Madeira wine will give the broth an intoxicating and pleasant aroma. The foie gras will be cooked in the broth for only a short while but will dramatically blend in and produce an exceptional pot-au-feu.  Typically a beef stew prepared using French culinary techniques, this popular dish is found in the tables of the rich, the poor, and the bourgeoisie alike. Here, Chef Krebs makes this famous stew with an extravagant ingredient, foie gras.



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