For weekends when we wake up much later in the morning, we start the day with a big brunch spread with some chefs recipes, that in between meal that straddles breakfast and lunch times. Items from both meal times overlap on the menu recipe videos, which gives diners the option to eat something light, something heavy. Preparation for brunch depends on who’s coming. Brunch can be served buffet style if you’re entertaining a small crowd or holding a brunch party. Some dishes can be prepared in advance for this kind of brunch not only to save time but also for you to enjoy the meal in leisure. If it’s just for your family, you can make brunch classics like eggs Benedict, individual filled omelettes, and other more complicated brunch dishes. Doing so makes the meal extra-special, like the weekend before you.

Brunch menus can be themed so the dishes somehow connect to each other although most brunch dishes from opposite ends of cuisines can be served together. You can make it Italian countryside with Italian-style omelettes, bruschetta, frittat as or tomato salad with fresh mozzarella. Classic style French toast, poached pineapples, affogato and cookies is also a good brunch menu. For Asian-style brunch, arrange fried rice, spring rolls,dimsum, assorted sushi, porridge or congee. Brunch can also work around ingredients that go well together. Mix in light with the heavy fare. Soufflés, salad with fruit vinaigrette, crisp bacon and biscuits signal a spring brunch. Sautéed vegetables with seafood (also chicken or meats) make up the savory part of the meal. Eggs, as in breakfast, are a brunch staple. So are baked goods like muffins, scones,bagel served with jam and butter. For beverage, serve fruit juices, hot chocolate and the combination of Champagne and orange juice—the mimosa—that celebrates brunch and the beautiful day ahead.