Easy Goose Recipes

Easy Goose Recipes 

Goose may seem to be a complicated ingredient to cook with, but it’s possible to create easy goose recipes. These kinds of recipes have less expectations of the cook, but the cook shouldn’t have to sacrifice flavor for doing things easy. Follow the following guidelines when choosing easy goose recipes in the collection or creating your own.

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Streamline your cooking methods. The cook who uses easy goose recipes benefit from as few steps as possible. The less preparation needed, the better too. This is doable in pan-frying, grilling, and stewing. All three require only one pan, pot or grilling area and no need to multi-prepare or cook anything separately.

Use less than five major ingredients in your easy goose recipes. Meat, salt and pepper, stock, and a vegetable or two should be in your ingredient list. Herbs and spices may be excluded in the count, especially dried ones since you don’t have to do much with them except to just dash and splash them into the cooking goose.

Use the goose breast. Cooking the whole goose requires a lot of effort compared to just a part of the goose. Goose breasts are easiest to cook. You can pan-fry them in goose fat and serve on a bed of grains like polenta or small pasta like orzo. Wrap the breasts in bacon and grill until thoroughly cooked and serve these as appetizers.

Use leftover goose for your recipe. Throw slices of goose meat onto a ciabatta with mayo, onions and lettuce and you have a rich but easy to make sandwich.  Leftover poultry like goose also tastes great in Asian-style soups like Vietnamese pho and Japanese soba. The goose fat from the leftovers would be enough to flavor the soup aside from the stock or broth you’re using.