Diet seafood recipes

To the person who wants lost weight, the healthy recipes videos two words “diet” and “seafood” could very well be a match made in culinary heaven.  Compared tohealthy video recipes meat like beef, pork and lamb fish and shellfish are lower in calories, cholesterol and saturated fat yet also provide a lot of protein and nutrients.

Consuming seafood in moderation is a great way to lose weight and at the same time become healthier provided these are prepared sensibly without much added fats and oils.  This also improves the mood of dieters who usually feel deprived with either the types of foods they’re eating of the amount.  Who would complain of feeling hungry when served a big green salad topped with poached fish, shrimp and scallops or a bowl of bouillabaisse, a hearty soup with a variety of fish, shellfish and vegetables?

If you do not have any sensitivities towards shellfish, turning pescetarian could be an option for those trying to lose weight.  Consider giving up red meat (including chicken and other poultry products) and limiting animal intake to only fish and seafood.  To start with, go for 30% then gradually ramp up when you feel you’re ready to eat a smaller amount of meat.

There are diet plans found in books and websites that prescribe certain foods taken in specific amounts.  However, it may be more practical to just incorporate seafood as a significant part of a healthy diet that is rich in beneficial proteins and low fat.  The result is a more sustainable health benefit: lowering of bad cholesterol levels, decreased risk of heart disease and stroke.  Most shellfish are low in fat and when coupled with sensible low fat cooking methods like poaching and baking rather than frying can help achieve weight loss.

When preparing diet dishes from the ocean’s bountry, try to incorporate as much vegetables as possible to increase fiber content and bulk (not necessarily calories).  The added roughage also acts as a broom to clean out the colon thereby improving the assimilation of nutrients as well as the elimination of wastes.

The positive effects of a high seafood diet is apparent when dining with the inhabitants of a coastal community.  You see that more people there live longer better lives.  Their food consumption as well as their physical activities obviously have a positive impact on their health.