Aside from special dietary needs, one easy recipes eats because of their own personal beliefs and religion.  Such example is the kosher diet, which consist of easy recipe foods that conform to the regulations of the Jewish Halakhic law.  Such law includes not mixing meat with milk, drawing of blood from meat, or eating dairy with meat in the same meal.  Unlike Lent, Kosher diet is applied all-year round instead of certain days of the week.  If you would be hosting or cooking for a party and one of your guests follow this principle, make sure to have several dishes in mind that could cater to your guest.  After all, what’s a party when no one’s happy?


Kosher diet is very specific, not only with the food or the combination but how the food should be prepared.  Meats are allowed to be consumed and there are meat recipes like the classic boneless chicken breast with mashed potatoes and beef snout salad with Riesling.  With meat products, care should be taken on how the meat is slaughtered and drained of blood before being eaten.  For Kosher diets, it is best to purchase kosher meats and baked goods from stores you know that sell them where they have been already prepared the kosher way, so you need not worry about it.


The kosher diet is rich in fruits and vegetables.  Fruits and vegetables though, should be inspected very carefully and must be free from worms, bugs, and other insects.   Once it passes the standard, it’s time to indulge in treats like the refreshing avocado sherbet with melon balls and honey.  The orange against the contrast of green provide a very interesting visual treat plus drizzles of honey add special health benefits plus boosting sweetness factor.  Classic and healthy combos like boneless chicken breast with mashed potatoes is an excellent lunch set you could serve if you’re dining solo or for two.


Kosher rules are very strict regarding how wine should be prepared.  Wines made by non-Jews are prohibited, so best check wines before purchasing them.


In Kosher diet, it would be easier to purchase ingredients that are kosher-certified.  Then all that is to worry about is how to combine ingredients.  It’s easier to separate milk/dairy from meat than draining blood from meat, after all.  Another thing to worry about is how the food must be cooked.


In keeping with the rules, follow the recipe well.  Kosher diet guidelines are found online, so if you are preparing for an individual who follows this principle, going online would help.