Lactose free

Memories of milk bottles (the tall one with the long neck or the big gallon-size one) are part of growing up such as warm milk before going to bed, packing milk cartons in lunch boxes, and pouring milk in coffee.  Milk is an excellent source of protein andfood recipe videos calcium, which is needed for bone and muscle growth.

There are gourmet recipes with pictures those people that have adverse reactions to milk, like stomach ache or diarrhea.  These adverse reactions are signs of lactose intolerance, the inability to properly digest lactose, a kind of natural sugar found in milk.


Those that are lactose-intolerant should avoid certain products such and milk, sour cream, ice cream, yogurt, and cream cheese.  With milk and most of its product eliminated from the diet, the question now is to find other natural sources of calcium.  Aside from milk, there are other calcium and protein sources like salmon, calcium-fortified orange juice (look for the ones in the carton that says “high-calcium), lettuce, and tuna.


Memories of soda fountains, milkshakes, and floats can no longer be buried to the ground as soy milk and soy-based products can be a substitute to milk.  Try mixing a frozen banana, a cup of soy milk, half a cup of ice cubes, and a drop of vanilla in a blender for a tummy-friendly healthy banana smoothie.  For breakfast, try bran cereal with fresh berries in almond milk Almond milk can be an excellent substitute to regular milk and has a very refreshing taste to perk up your day.


Legumes, fruits, and vegetables are found in most lactose-free diet recipes.  Beans are an excellent source of protein and beans oftentimes provide the protein and calcium needed for vegetarians who no longer consume animal products.  The black bean and vegetable soup is a hearty dish that could be served for lunch with salad or as a light dinner with bread (try Italian or French bread, as they are breads made without milk).  Instead of butter, top the slice with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and herbs.


In the absence of ice cream, sherbets, fruit ices, and gelatin make excellent and refreshing summer treats.  For an additional sweet factor, drizzle sherbet with honey instead of whipped cream and then top with chopped nuts or more fruit.  Jellies can be eaten on their own and make an excellent sweet snack that put hunger pangs at bay and still have room for the big buffet dinner you’re preparing for.  From appetizer to dessert, there are lots of easy and delicious lactose-free dishes to try that even milk-drinkers would enjoy.