The midday meal is lunch (or luncheon), which can be taken wherever one is during the day—at the office, at school, and at home. Hence, the videos for cooking recipes of menu for lunch will reflect these locations since its preparation will depend on whether lunch is taken to go or for sit down. Lunches to go usually are practical gourmet food recipes that can easily be wrapped or contained in a lunch box. Hearty sandwiches and fruit, salad and roast chicken, a ben to box of Japanese delights, a stew of meats and potatoes, even pasta with a garlic toast can all be served as lunches on the go. Meals intended for lunch should be nutritious and filling enough to last until afternoon snack, coffee break or early dinner. Pack a container of milk, fruit juice,or a serving of fruit for each brown bag you bring at school or at work.

For those lucky enough to get lunch at home, it usually consists of a simple three course meal: appetizer (salad) or soup, main course and dessert. Just as in lunch to go, it should be nutritious and filling, but in contrast, can be prepared with a little bit more time and imagination,without worrying how it can be placed in lunch boxes. Instead o simple grilled cheese or egg sandwiches, more elegant sandwiches can be made as a hearty lunch. Layer in mayonnaise (or fancy aioli,garlic mayo), lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, your favorite meats,and cheese slices on sourdough, ciabatta, foccacia and other breads. Weekend lunches are much more elaborate, which is similar in extent as dinner. Luncheon items may now include grilled meats,creamy soups, stews, pan-fried fish fillets and steamed shrimps, baked chicken and potatoes. For dessert, serve a fruit pie, cake, ice cream,and milk flan to your heart’s content.