Healthy Banana Recipe: Banana and Nut Salad

Banana and Nut SaladA lovely alternative to the usual salad greens, banana and nut salad make light and nutritious easy appetizers and requires only a few ingredients and is simple and quick to make. To make healthy recipes, all you need is bananas, chopped nuts, lettuce leaves, and unsweetened whipped cream. You simply assemble these ingredients together and you have an elegant appetizer in no time. For this recipe use bananas that have a sticky and moist flesh as opposed to varieties that are dry. Bananas should be fully ripe for the nuts to adhere to the flesh.

You can use your favorite nuts to make this recipe. Cashews, pecans, almonds, walnuts, and pistachios all taste wonderful with bananas. You can also use crushed peanuts to make this recipe, which is reminiscent of the classic combination of bananas and peanut butter. This salad appetizer has a nice and refreshing color that is pleasing to the eyes. Presentation is key to this recipe. Carefully arrange each plate so that the colors invite the eyes and make the dish all the more appetizing to eat and intriguing to experience.

Ingredients: 3 bananas, peeled and cut into halves, 4 oz. chopped nuts, 6 lettuce leaves, ½ cup unsweetened whipped cream

Preparation Instructions: Banana and Nut Salad2

Roll the bananas into the chopped nuts and place them in a tray. Place each banana on a lettuce leaf and pour some whipped cream on top. Carefully place on a serving tray. If you like, top with some more chopped nuts.

There are many kinds of banana varieties in the market and every variety differs in size, flavor and texture. Some are firmer than others and some are sweeter and stickier. Unripe bananas will have a green tinge, which can be allowed to ripen for a few days until it reaches a solid yellow color with a few brown specks. Fully ripened bananas are sweet and aromatic and are easier to coat with the chopped nuts. Chop the nuts as finely as possible so that they will more easily stick to the skin and surface of the sliced bananas. Work quickly yet gently to avoid the peeled bananas from turning into a brown color due to oxidation from exposure to air.