In-between the main meals of the day are the snack, which satiates the appetite and stomach until the next meal is taken. Unlike breakfast, lunch and dinner, the snack does not need a spread of courses on the table. It doesn’t even require you to sit down to make healthy recipes videos. Munch on a handful of mixed nuts and you’re having a snack. So will eating a grilled cheese sandwich, a cup of frozen yogurt, or a piece of apple pie ala mode.

A snack is usually composed of food that is readily available in your pantry and videos cooking recipes, fridge, or drawer (as in the case of the office muncher). Leftovers are welcome from the previous meal (transformed as sandwich or picked on as is) as much as freshly-cooked or baked (for breads and pastries) at home or from the bakery. If you’re running somewhere, it’s a grab and go snack for you. The time of day for a snack also varies—from mid-morning coffee breaks to energizing afternoon snacks to midnight raid the fridge extravaganza. It is dictated by what you like and sometimes, what you like may not necessarily be on the menu.

In that instance, snack recipes are handy in whipping up a simple snack or a full-on bread pizza or blueberry spice cake. Snacks also range from light to heavy since it is dependent on one’s appetite and preference. Usually the light snacks are those from a package(nuts, potato chips, bread sticks, cookies). Meanwhile heavy snacks entails a little bit more effort—cook a burger patty, boil the pasta for fettuccine Alfredo,reheat a pepperoni pizza, and so forth. In terms of flavour, snacks may be savoury or sweet (sometimes both, a sin potato chips dipped in melted chocolate). Whichever you prefer, snacks will calm your hunger pangs and offer you a preview of other delectable meals that will run through your day.