Sole food

Some say that to know about a country or culture, it’s best video for cooking recipes to experience it firsthand.  Sometimes, it sticks to the person more when they are exposed to their lifestyle, such as Food or music.  Food cooking video recipes is a universal language that tells a lot about a country’s origins, lifestyle, individuals, and sometimes history and the countries that influenced them.  If a pastry of a country has similarities with another one, chances are, there is a story in world history that can explain that.  And our history lessons get more interesting.

Soul Foods are culinary delights from traditional cuisine of African-Americans.  The term “soul” came about as a common word to define African-American culture.  The Food tells a story on African-American history – from slave trade and European influence.  Most of the Food recipes during the time of slave trade were passed down orally from generation to generation, as it was forbidden then for enslaved Africans to write cookbooks until they were allowed to do so during the Emancipation.  Probably at one point in history, a chef or a mother cooking for her family decided to give their own personal take to it, or something the family would enjoy according to their own preference.  If they were given only onions or okra to eat, as Food during the slave trade was limited, they make the best out of it.  Discarded meat cuts like tripe, pig’s ears, and hog jowls have some use and are immediately turned into hearty meals.

Just like soul music, soul Food has very interesting flavors.  A classic and flavorful (yet simple) French onion soup gets a twist, as they make it their own.  French onion soup’s ingredients are fairly simple – onions, broth, bread, cheese, and a bit of seasoning here and there but the flavor and texture is very rich, crunchy then soft bread, chewy cheese, a bit of mellowness and a tang and zest.   Aside from this clear soup, there are also thick, rich and hearty soups like cream of asparagus, and creamy vegan carrot soup, which are hearty meal starters or light dinners too.   Pasta primavera is also an interesting way to encourage youngsters to eat their vegetables as it looks palatable to the eye from how it’s presented (lots of colors and textures in a contrast of white pasta).


It’s amazing that Food doesn’t just diminish hunger.  There are dishes like these that tell a story.  Isn’t it interesting to learn it this way too?