Easy Healthy Soup Recipe: Carrot and Pea Soup

Carrot and Pea Soup RecipeA very simple recipe that takes a few minutes to prepare and cook, carrots and pea soup easy healthy recipes are high in nutrition and flavor. This is perfect for warming you during the cold winter days or chilly nights but it also makes a refreshing soup during hotter seasons. All you need to make a satisfying and sumptuous soup easy appetizers are a few pantry staples including green peas, carrots, water, milk, butter, and salt and pepper to taste. This dish also makes a fabulous appetizer for lunch or dinner parties since it complements a wide range of main courses including steaks, roasts, grilled meats and seafood. This can also make a light and healthy meal served with some crusty bread. Make this for a family or friend to make them feel better if they are ill or feeling down.

Before making carrot and peas soup, you need to shell and mash the green peas and wash and slice the carrots. Fresh peas need to be blenched or steamed before they can be mashed or pureed. You can mash the peas manually using a fork or you can puree them in the blender. If you can’t find fresh peas in your local grocery or if they are not in season, you can also make this recipe with canned or frozen peas. Canned peas are soaked in a liquid solution and are already soft enough to bee mashed straight out of the can, with the liquid drained off. In most cases, however, frozen peas are a lot more flavorful and retain much more of their nutrients than the canned varieties. When thawed, they can taste fresh and delicious. If you are using frozen peas, thaw them for a few hours in the refrigerator and blanched in hot water before mashing.

Ingredients: 2 grms. green peas, shelled and mashed, 2 medium carrots, washed and sliced, 5 cups water, 1 cup milk, scalded, 2 tablespoons butter, Seasonings to taste

Preparation Instructions:Carrot and Pea Soup2

In a large bowl add the ingredients in the given order and allow it to boil. Once it starts boiling simmer and let it cook for about 30 minutes with the lid on. Allow it to cool and serve warm in a soup bowl.

You can serve this soup chunky or you can puree the whole for a smooth and creamy carrot and pea soup. Use a hand blender or immersion blender to puree the soup, or puree it in batches using a regular blender.

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Healthy Corn Recipe: Corn Soup

Corn SoupDelicately sweet and so simple to do, corn soup is a comfort food and makes an appetizing start to family healthy meals. This soup has a light texture and full corn flavor that is best savored with crusty bread or warm biscuits. Cornbread and salad also make a superb accompaniment to this dish. You can use fresh, frozen or canned corn to make this recipe. Ideal for hot summer or cold rainy days, this soup can be served hot, warm, at room temperature, or chilled. Garnish corn soup with fresh herbs like cilantro for a Mexican flavor. You can also sprinkle roasted chile on top or diced tomatoes and diced avocado. If your having Mexican for dinner, serve corn chips or nachos with the corn soup easy appetizers.

All you need to make this soup are a few ingredients including corn, onions, olive oil, water, flour, chicken or turkey stock, and salt and pepper to taste. Most of the flavor will come from the corn so buy the best corn you can get. Sweet tender corn is best because it has the most flavor and makes a delicious soup rather than mealy bland ones. When buying fresh corn, it is best to buy freshly picked varieties. If possible, cook the corn the same day you bought it, ideally on the day it is picked. Once picked, the corn’s sugars start converting to starches and after three days, the sugar starch ratio of 80:20 that it started with will shift to 20:80.

Ingredients1 cup water, 2 cups corn, canned, fresh or frozen, 1 tbsp. grated onion, 2 tbsp. olive oil, 2 tbsp. flour, 3 cups chicken or turkey stock, Salt and pepper to taste

Preparation Instructions: Corn Soup2

Bring water to boil in a soup kettle. Add corn. If using canned corn, drain first. Add onion. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes, or a bit longer if using frozen corn. Remove from heat and put through a strainer. Set aside. Measure and add olive oil to soup kettle. Stir in flour to blend. Add stock and seasonings. Cook, stirring constantly, for 5 minutes. Stir in corn pulp and cook for an additional 10 minutes. Remove from heat and serve.

Choose fresh corn that has full and plumb ears. The silk hairs coming out of the corn should be a golden pale and slightly sticky. The more hairs there are the better. The husk should ideally be a gold green color and not brown. You know that the corn is fresh when you pop out a kernel and the juice that comes out is milky.

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Healthy Corn Recipe: Corn Souffle

Corn souffleFor something more than the usual side dish healthy recipes of mashed potatoes or gratin, try this flavorful and luscious corn souffle. It goes well as garnishing for grilled or stewed fish as well as steaks and roasts. You can use leftover mashed potatoes to make this recipe and quickly assemble this dish in no time. While the term souffle might bring to mind complicated and sophisticated preparations, in easy healthy recipes are bit rustic and consists of two parts: making the pastry and making the potato puree and corn mix. The pastry creates a crispy golden crust on the outside while inside is a nice, creamy and rich potato and corn puree—smooth and airy like souffle.

Unlike a pie, the pastry mix and the potato and corn puree are mixed together after mixing separately. The heat from the oven allows the corn souffle to rise beautifully and create a tender brown crust. The water, milk, salt and butter are boiled together to incorporate the ingredients and cook them before baking. The mixture is taken of the heat and the flour is gradually added, stirring constantly to incorporate the dry ingredient. You can use a whisk or a hand blender or electric mixer to obtain a smooth and even consistency without any lumps. The eggs are then added one by one, while still stirring constantly until a souffle-like mixture is achieved.

Ingredients: 1 lb. potatoes, 0.55 lbs. (about 1 cup) cooked corn

For puff pastry: 1 cup milk, 1 cup water, ½ tablespoon salt, 16 tablespoons butter, 19 tablespoons flour, 10 eggs

Preparation Instructions: Corn Souffle2

In a saucepan, bring water, milk, salt, and butter to a simmer and stir well. Remove the pan from the heat and incorporate the flour, mixing with a blender until smooth no trace of lumps are present. Crack the eggs and separate the white from the yolk. Whisk in separate bowls. Whisk the yolk until it turns whitish and whisk the whites until it becomes foamy and stiff. Add the eggs to the milk and flour mixture and fold together. Prepare the potato puree. (1 lbs. potatoes for every 2 lbs. puff pastry) To the 2 lbs. puree, add 0.55 lbs. cooked corn kernels. Mix well. Mix the potato/corn mixture and the egg/flour/milk mixture and blend until smooth. Coat the baking cylinders (about 1 in diameter) with butter and sprinkle with flour. Fill about ¾ full of the mixture. Bake for about 15 minutes in a 400 degree F oven or until puffed and golden.

The fresh corn should be cooked at this point, which is done by steaming or boiling. Scrape off the flesh off the cob with a sharp knife, making sure to get only the kernels and not the hard grainy parts. The potato puree is also prepared ahead of time. It is important to make it as creamy and as luscious as possible. To do this, use a potato masher or pass the mashed potato through a sieve and add lots of butter and some milk or cream to make it nice and smooth.

Source: www.gourmandia.com