French recipes

French Gastronomy has made such an impact in the world of food in general and to the French people in particular that the UNESCO has inscribed it as an intangible cultural heritage in 2010 for healthy recipes videos.French cuisine has strongly influenced western cookery as well as culinary education using chef videos cooking. A chef usually studies French cooking techniques and terms as his or her foundation in culinary arts.

French recipes encompass a comprehensive cuisine that range from Escoffier’s haute cuisine (the meticulous prepared and presented gourmet meal enjoyed with the finest wines) to regional home cooking enjoyed by the bourgeoisie and peasants (simple dishes but nonetheless of sublime flavors). Regardless whether elaborate or simple, French recipes involve several steps in the preparation. The French rarely grill, instead they cook over the stove top and bake or finish the food in the oven. French recipes may involve stewing, poaching, braising, blanching and making sauces. Staples of itsflavor profiles include butter, cream, wine, fresh herbs and spices, fresh produce, cheese and bread. In this collection, two French recipes come from Alsace, a small region in France strongly influenced by German cuisine.
We have Alsatian walnut bread and vegetable soup. Others are familiar favorites like the bouillabaisse,chicken fricassee, stuffed guinea fowl, haddock and snail aioli, Burgundy eggs, asparagus Rissolee, potato gratin, and broulade with eggs. A French recipe collection is not complete without the revered, melt-in-the-mouth foie gras done several ways: chicory sautéed with foie gras, foiegras in salt crust, foie gras escalope and grilled foie gras. Dessert classics like the Tarte Tatin and a Normandy apple pastry,poached pears, crème brulee, terrine with orange a la mode and crepes Suzette make use of fruits and custards to end the meal with more memorable flavors. It would be polite to ask for seconds.

European recipes

European cuisine is a collective name that encompasses the food and video for cooking recipes of the European continent and countries from the West. Also known as continental cuisine,a menu made up of European videos cooking recipes is as diverse as the countries that it represents. When building a menu out of European recipes, the dishes may belong in just one country or area such as central and eastern Europe, northern Europe, southern and western Europe.

Most often they will have the same flavor profile so the courses you choose will blend beautifully together. However, European cuisines have common characteristics and ingredients that may be used as the inspiration in your menu.Substantial portions of meat are key ingredients in European recipes so steak maybe your first choice. In the collection, you can try the Beef Wellington, which is composed of filet steak spread with a mixture of foie gras or chicken liver paté and sautéed mushrooms (duxelles) then encased in a pastry crust and baked. Similar dishes like the beef fillet with red wine sauce or the beef fillet sautéed with Reblochon cheese and marrow may also be served.
The meats go well with red wine, from any of the wines of European vineyards.The pasta and pesto of Italy from the southern part of Europe complement the steak selection. The pasta sauces may be tomato- or cream-based, with a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. Serve the pasta dish with dark, crusty European artisanal breads full of character and flavor. Or break open the crusts and spread European-style butter on the bread for a delightful appetizer. European-style butters have a richer flavor because it’s made with 83% butterfat.For dessert, consider the apple strudel (also apfelstrudel) with an apple-cinnamon filling served with a bowl of cream on the side. It’s an Austrian pastry with a Germanname, but only one taste: delicious.

Mushrooms in Vegetarian Cooking

The choice of finally going vegetarian may be difficult, particularly if almost all of your life, meat has been part of the day by day diet.  Whether it is health, diet, or lifestyle change from individual opinion, going vegetarian can be quite rough.  One, as previously mentioned, is finally letting go of meat.  The second is finding protein sources for the body.  Meat is a fundamental source of protein, and protein is needed by the body for it to build and fix muscles and tissues and do a lot of physiological roles.  The challenge now is to find other non-meat sources of protein.

Mushroom is not a plant but a fungus that grows typically on the ground/soil or on its food source, like barks of trees.  There are a lot of nonpoisonous mushrooms that can be found growing, but of course, there are also those that are not fit for consumption.  For safety, it is more preferential to get mushrooms from supermarkets, organic markets, or reputable source rather than finding them wild, because for sure, those are the ones that are edible.  Although not made from animal flesh, mushrooms are sound sources of protein, containing twice the amount of protein acquired in vegetables.  Depending on how they are prepared, they can even mimic the texture of certain meats, which helps in the transition from omnivore to vegetarian.  This ingredient could be used both by vegetarians and by vegans, which do not consume or use any products made from animals.

Mushrooms may be grilled, tossed with salad, pasta, or soups, and even placed in sandwiches and pizza.  They are quite versatile and may be cooked in a number of ways.  Some Portobello mushrooms are made into burgers, which can be breaded, deep-fried, and wedged in a hamburger bun, just like a beef patty.  It gives an almost similar texture as meat and may even be grilled with eggplant, just like steak.  They can even be stir-fried with an omelette for breakfast or substituted in stir-fries that call for chicken or beef.  Another tip in prepping and cooking mushrooms is to just wipe fresh ones with a damp towel in cleaning them.  Soaking them like other fruits and vegetables will just make them soak up the water so the stir-fry turns out soupy rather than have less liquid characteristic of stir-fries.

Being a very familiar and pleasant-tasting food source, mushrooms are a good way to jump-start in going vegetarian.  The taste and texture is adequate and aside from the nutrient content, they are also low in fat, cholesterol, sodium, and calories.  On the other hand, they are very high in fiber too, for a healthy digestion.  Adding mushrooms to food is an exceptional way to jump start into going vegetarian without the regret or much meat withdrawal phases.

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