Chocolate Dominoes

 Chocolate DominoesImage

Chocolate domino is a fun and delicious gourmet food recipe. The chocolate dominoes are shaped in the form of the gaming pieces that make up the domino set. This edible domino set is made with dark chocolate instead of ivory, plastic or wood. It also consists of walnuts, dates, figs, oranges, orange juice, and nutmeat not only chocolate. Actually, this is the perfect casino night party dessert dish and makes an excellent business gift and thoughtful present to friends or family who love the game. To imitate the dots of dominoes use almond pieces. You can also use frosting, white mini chocolate chips. Or you can use colored sweets to make the dots and draw the lines.

High quality premium chocolate like Belgian, Swiss, French or Venezuelan chocolate is used to make chocolate dominoes. Making chocolate dominoes is a thrilling activity. It can be fun to do with kids, family, or friends. Dominoes are rectangular in shape, formed by two congruent squares from edge to edge. They are marked by a line in the middle and dots or spots, also called pips. Some domino pieces, however, are left blank. The traditional domino set consists of 28 pieces. The set is known as cards, bones, stones, tiles, spinners, or tickets. The back of the dominoes is usually left blank. If you are aiming for accuracy it is best to have a real set to copy from when making chocolate dominoes. If not, then use a picture from the Internet as guide to copy from.

A traditional set of dominoes has one unique piece for each possible combination of two squares. The left and right side divided by a line, with zero spots up to six spots. The highest value has six spots on each side. This is called a “double six” while the lowest value has no spots. They are left blank with only a thin line dividing the two squares that make up one rectangular piece.


  • ½ cup nut meat
  • ½ cup dates
  • ½ cup English walnut meat
  • Grated rind 1 orange
  • ½ cup figs
  • 1 tablespoon orange juice
  • 1 square dark chocolate


Preparation Instructions

1. With little water, melt the chocolate in a saucepan. Mix in nut meats, figs, and dates chopped finely.

2. Add remaining ingredients to this melted chocolate. Then toss on a board sprinkled with powdered sugar.

3. Cut into domino shapes. Spread thinly with melted unsweetened chocolate. Decorate with small pieces of blanched almonds to imitate dominoes.



Apricot Apple and Banana Pudding

Apricot Apple and Banana PuddingImage

On its own, milk pudding can be boring or can be easily tiresome. Adding a mixture of fruits is one way to give it more life, flavor and vibrant color. In this easy gourmet food recipe, sliced bananas, apricots and apples are made up as base of this delicious pudding recipe. This makes a luxurious breakfast. It is also an elegant dessert that you won’t get bored of soon. These three fruits combine well together to give full texture, color, and flavor and to create harmony in the palate and invigorate the senses.

You need scalded milk, sugar, flour, eggs, and vanilla extract to make the pudding. When making this recipe use fresh fruits. This is a great dish to make when apricots are in season. Bananas and apples are typically available all year round. Make sure that just before making the pudding is the time you peel and slice the fruits since they oxidize and change color once exposed to air.

Before adding it to the other ingredients you also need to scald the milk so timing is crucial when making this recipe. Scalded milk, technically, is milk that has been heated to 180 degrees F, a temperature that destroys the enzyme in the milk and kills any present bacteria. In scalded milk many of the proteins are also denatured. The milk is heated just to the edge of boiling. In the process of scalding the milk it is important to keep a watchful eye on it to prevent it from boiling over, scorching or burning. A kitchen thermometer should be used ideally to monitor the temperature of the milk.

The scalded milk makes a difference in the texture of the pudding. Use a heavy bottomed saucepan or double boiler to scald the milk. Use whole milk and a candy or fry thermometer, which can be clipped onto the saucepan. At 180 degrees over low heat, the milk will lightly froth. You will see tiny bubbles forming around the edges of the pan.



  • 6 3/4 oz. (5/6 cup) milk, scalded
  • 6 tablespoons sugar
  • ½ cup flour
  • 2 well beaten eggs
  • 4 apricots cut into halves
  • 2 bananas, sliced
  • 2 medium apples, peeled, cored, sliced
  • 1 teaspoon rice vanilla extract

Preparation Instructions


1. Mix the sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla extract in a large bowl. Then slowly add the milk and mix well.

2. Into a pudding tray pour all the chopped fruits. Pour the milk mixture over this.

3. In a pan of water place the pudding dish. Bake in a 180 degree F. preheated oven for 30-35 minutes.



As a drink or a little square of candy to end the day, chocolate is difficult to not love. Commonly associated with Valentine’s Day, giving chocolates as gifts is the universal symbol of expressing love and affection. Chocolates in reality contain endorphins, which give a boost in the mood, giving that feeling of euphoria or happiness, that same happy feeling one gets post-workout. Definitely J.K. Rowling got that part befitting in her Harry Potter books, giving chocolate to anyone who has survived a dementor onslaught. Going back to chocolate and love, during Valentine’s Day or any other extraordinary occasion, it is not unusual to see sights of bringing chocolate candies with roses to a cherished one or serving chocolate cake. Even a mug of hot chocolate with a marshmallow gives that satisfying feeling after a bad day or a dragging day at work.


Chefs recipes and candies, chocolates have ranged from bars, to squares, fun shapes, filled ones, lollipops, and so on. Plain milk, dark, white, or marbled, they can be mixed with marshmallows and fillings for a unique texture or flavor. Although artisan brands and combinations are available at most supply stores, homemade chocolate candies can be prepared at the comfort of your own homes as there are easy-to-do recipes to make them from store-bought books to simply searching them online. Compound chocolate is also available in baking and confectionery supply stores, which can be melted and poured into moulds and frozen until hard and ready for packaging. Making your own chocolates can be a fun way to make gifts and giveaways for Christmas or parties.


Cakes, ice cream, and cookies are also other ways on how chocolate can be incorporated into a foolproof gourmet food recipes dessert. In ice cream, it can even be used to jazz up plain vanilla ice cream by shaving some chocolate on top, or adding something sweet to yogurt. Classic chocolate chip cookies can be also presented as gifts or for that chocolate lover friend you have, make chocolate dough and overdose on the chocolate chips.


Chocolate is an ingredient that’s hard to go wrong. It gives literally a dose of happiness at first bite. Whether served warm as pie or as a mug of goodness, enjoyed as it is dipping fruits in it or in a candy bar, or enjoying it cold as a milkshake or ice cream, it is enough to bring a smile to anyone who loves it. Dementors be warned.