Easy Vegetarian

Fortunately, with the advent of mass media and social networking, there’s an abundance of information available from online sources such as websites, blogs, even Facebook groups.

There are free video recipes already so many misconceptions about eating healthily–that it’s expensive, difficult to prepare recipe videos, constrained for variety.  The list goes on and on.  These are pretty much the same challenges faced by those who practise a vegetarian lifestyle with the added “limitation” of not consuming meat, poultry, fish and seafood (and eggs and dairy for strict vegetarians or vegans).

What’s good is that apart from recipes and tips, there’s even a feedback mechanism in place make enquiries.  Countless support groups abound in social networking sites which share guidance and advice from those who are already on the vegetarian path.


The recipes provided are proof enough that vegetarian dishes are easy to prepare, delicious, satisfying and completely nutritious.  Highlighting the use of fruits and vegetables, whether sourced from the farmers market, health food store or grocery, you will not run out of ideas for convenient, affordable dishes from appetizers to soups, salads to entrees, snacks to drinks and desserts.


You have the entire pantry of the earth’s bounty to play with: sweet and sour fruits of different colors, textures and flavors, vegetables from the root to the leaf and flowers, nuts and seeds all brimming with healthy fats and fiber.  With simple preparation (some don’t even require cooking), convert these natural ingredients to a fresh tasting nutrient-dense dish that is sure to satisfy both the palate and the body.  Vegetables simple toss in olive oil or light dressing make a great salad while fruits in season, cut up and skewered offers a refresh palate-cleansing dessert.


One thing to be conscious about is ensuring that your food is complete in macro and micronutrients.  Protein, iron, calcium and important vitamins and minerals, not to mention enzymes are all present in the plant kingdom – in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  It’s a matter of balancing these all in an achievable and sustainable lifestyle.  Raw food advocates encourage the consumption of foods in its raw state to be able to assimilate more of the nutrients present, cooking being the enemy of a lot of heat-sensitive nutrients.


As in all food preparation, feel free to experiment with ingredients, adding or replacing ingredients according to what’s your favourite and what’s available. Season food with your favourite herbs and spices for added dimension.