Best diet recipes

Are the best things in life truly free?  For best cooking videos perhaps not, especially if you want healthier food choices which are usually made with more expensive ingredients.  However, chef videos cooking are the best recipes that promote health can be found free online, shared amongst friends or researched from a cookbook borrowed from a school or library.

Wholesome foods that not only promote weight loss but also improve health on different aspects can be considered a notch above a simple low-calorie, low-fat dish.  For those on a diet, the best recipes additionally address other health concerns like diabetes, improve heart health and overall digestion without side effects.

An example of a good dish is pretty much any green vegetable salad with a dressing accompaniment.  The high fiber content of green leafy vegetables aids in digestion and provides a good amount of micronutrients.  Salad dressings however can be laden with saturated fat, artificial ingredients and preservatives.

A better version of this would be one that’s topped with dried fruits and raw nuts and served with a low-fat dressing like a simple herb vinaigrette.  Dried fruits boost the nutrient content while nuts provide good fats and protein.

The best salad need not be expensive or difficult to prepare.  An excellent salad that’s good for dieters can stand on its own without other dishes to complete nutrient levels.  It undoubtedly uses all organic components like romaine lettuce and arugula, beet root, carrots, cherry tomatoes powered up with raw organic nuts and superfoods like blueberry or goji berry.  For dressings, organic ingredients like mustard, vinegar and extra virgin olive oil can be whisked together with natural sea salt and fresh herbs.

These “best in class” diet guidelines can definitely be applied for any dish from soups (use low sodium broth or better yet make it yourself), entrees (go for free-range grass-fed meats) and desserts (sweeten with low-glycemic alternatives rather than refined white sugar).

When preparing diet-friendly food, it is important to know what health concern is top priority and work around this to create a great tasting dish.  Low-fat, low-cholesterol, low-carb, high-fiber, high-protein, vegetarian, vegan are some categories to start with.  A dish can be vegan, low-fat and high-fiber at the same time without much effort but to obsess one’s self to creating a perfectly healthy dish is impractical and virtually impossible as it will not be applicable for everyone.

Diet recipes for dinner

Though chefs recipes dinner is usually the heaviest meal consumed in the day, a large number of health advocates recommend the inverted pyramid for eating our three daily meals.  They propose that gourmet recipes for two dinner should be the lightest meal of the day, lunch in between and breakfast the heaviest.  Unfortunately, this is not as easy to observe as work, preparation time and a lot of other factors get in the way.  What’s commoner is a cup of coffee in the morning, a sandwich with a soup or salad for lunch, and a heavy dinner.

A paradigm shift and extra efforts should be taken to make changes for the better.  Start off by taking the time to eat breakfast.  Just eating breakfast, whether it’s healthy or not, is the first step to getting used to having something substantial to break the fast after several hours of sleep.  Eat a sensible lunch and for dinner, try out healthy recipes that are easy to prepare and easy to digest as one normally has little physical activity between dinner and going to sleep.

A heavy dinner could very well be a means to compensate for having no breakfast and a lousy rushed lunch.  It could be the mind telling the body that it needs something substantial to make up for two meals lacking in satisfaction and nutrition.

When preparing your evening meal, keep it simple because the more complicated it is, the more likely it is difficult to digest.  Simpler food preparation also means less pots and pans to wash!  Options could be a pan-fried fish fillet, slice of chicken breast without skin or lean pork scallopini pounded thinly to make it appear bigger and more filling.  Steam some brown rice of vegetables to serve as a side dish.  Or better yet prepare a raw organic salad of garden greens and low fat dressing.  A bowl of hearty soup served with crusty wheat bread is an excellent option for dinner on a cold winter night.  If you’re among the few who enjoys eating his or her vegetables, consider a wholly vegetarian or even vegan dinner.

For dessert, go light with a slice of fruit.  If you really have to have a more substantial sweet dessert, take only half a portion and save the rest for the next day.  Go easy on the soda and drink fruit and vegetable juice or regular good old refreshing water instead with a slice of lemon or lime!

Protein diet recipes

Eating programs that propound high levels of protein usually go hand in hand with a limited worlds best recipes consumption of carbohydrates.  This can be a sure fire way to lose weight but there should proper videos for cooking recipes guidance  as there could potentially be adverse effects.

Aside from weight loss, these types of diet are popular among athletes and body builders who wish to bulk up muscle mass.  While increased protein consumption is recommended for weight lifters and sportsmen, there is still a ceiling as to the amount taken especially if it is tie up with low-carbohydrate or zero-carbohydrate intake.

As we were taught when we were young, protein is a major source of energy.  50 grams is a widely accepted norm for intake with women needing less than men.  The weight of a person is also a factor.  For high-protein regiments, it should be spread throughout the day in all meals taken rather than just concentrated in one meal.

These simple and easy to prepare dishes are perfect examples that are delicious and nutritious.  One thing you’ll notice is the large amounts of meat and eggs combined with vegetables.  Conspicuously absent are the usual carbohydrate accompaniments to these dishes.

For breakfast, go for a couple of eggs cooked any style with a portion of lean chicken or turkey and a side salads of green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and cucumber.  Keep dressings and seasonings to simple vinaigrettes of red or white wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.  Another option would be low-fat yogurt topped with nuts or fresh fruits.

A lunch of meat, meat and more meat is common in high-protein diets.  Go for lean meat and complement with soft cheeses and beans and vegetables.  For a non-meat option, go for tofu and other soy products which are also rich sources of protein.

For dinner, it’s pretty much the same as lunch.  Try barbecued, baked, broiled or stewed chicken, lean pork, beef or fish balanced with fiber from a fresh salad or cooked vegetable side dish like buttered carrots and beans.  For the occasionally carbohydrate dish, choose whole grains products like brown rice, bread of pasta.  Consider taking your dinner well before you go to bed as it is not recommended to sleep with a heavy stomach as this strains the digestive system and liver.

Proper guidance is recommended as cholesterol levels can easily be elevated if this diet programme goes overboard. Other potential health risks include gout, kidney and liver problems, not to mention lack or energy and halitosis or bad breath.

Easy vegan recipes

What is quick to prepare is usually easy to make as well but this is not the case 100% of the time.

Ease of preparation of a dish could also pertain to the availability of its ingredients and free video recipes, tools needed to make it and even the storage and use of leftovers.  Case in point are home-made -pancakes from scratch and not from a box.  Though it takes minutes to prepare, it can actually be best cooking videoscomplicated if one is not aware of the steps involved: the importance of the inclusion of a leavening agent, mixing instructions (do not overbeat) and cooking.  Do not undercook nor overcook or flip too soon.  Same goes for certain styles of egg cookery like soft boiling and poaching.  Overcooking yields hard boiled eggs while poaching in a wrong simmering liquid (too cold or without an acidulant) results in a mess.

Fortunately, vegan dishes can both be effortless and quick!  Ask most vegans who have progressed on the path from vegetarianism and have eventually taken out eggs and dairy altogether and you’ll surely be inspired.  After their initial transition stage of figuring out how to address the sourcing out their nutritional requirements, they can whip up dishes that address the elements of a great meal: practical, quick and easy to prepare and delicious.

Like vegetarian cuisine, animal product- and by product-free foods are best crafted from the simplest of ingredients from nature’s harvest basket and require the least amount of preparation.

Serving food raw is actually the easiest preparation method.  Even basic vegan cooking is more convenient and quick than preparing dishes with meat.  In fact, what one should be careful about when cooking vegetables is not to overdo it.  This diminishes the heat-sensitive nutrients in the dish and also may affect its texture.  Nobody wants to eat a limp asparagus stick or a broccoli floret that’s discolored.  Though the old fashioned way of cooking cabbage is to boil it until its soft and falling apart, vegans put great importance of serving food in its optimum nutritional content and value.  Cabbages are shredded and made into coleslaw or fermented to sauerkraut.

Practical tips for creating dishes in a jiffy include maximising the use of ready-to-use and ready-to-eat vegan components like bread, pre-cut vegetables, pre-washed salad greens, frozen and dried fruit and ready-to-use nut milks.  If you have more time and resources, try making them from scratch but be prepared to spend for tools and ingredients.

Healthy vegan recipes

Veganism, a lifestyle practice or choice removes any and all forms of animal products not limited to beef, pork, chicken and fish.

With the rapid increase of people adapting to healthier lifestyle choice such as veganism gourmet cooking recipes, the food that they consume, totally devoid of animal products has become the keen interest of a lot of conventional eaters due to the publicity recipe videos online it gets from celebrities, doctors and overall health food advocates.

Vegan food is hyped up as healthy as the not so wholesome elements of conventional diets and the heavily processed, instant food they are usually connected to are vastly diminished.  Heavy consumption of meat, processed and fast foods has been linked to countless health issues from heart disease, diabetes, elevated cholesterol levels to even the dreaded cancer.

Veganism, a lifestyle practice or choice removes any and all forms of animal products not limited to beef, pork, chicken and fish.  Motivations vary from health concerns to ethical issues like animal cruelty.  This is differentiated from vegetarianism which allows for the consumption of eggs and dairy products such as milk, cream, cheese and yoghurt.  Veganism is sometimes called “strict vegetarianism.  Very staunch vegans do not use non-food products that are derived from animals such as leather and makeup and hair brushes made of animals.  It is not surprising to find vegans in organizations such as P.E.T.A. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and anti-fur activist groups.


With proper care taken balancing food groups and selection of ingredients, a exclusively plant-based diet can provide all the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy body.  Found in a sustainable vegan menu are protein from beans and other legumes, calcium from dark leafy greens, vitamins and minerals and enzymes from the countless fruits and vegetables in nature’s bounty.  The fats found in plant-based food such as nuts and oils are generally unsaturated and elevate good cholesterol levels in the body as opposed to weight gain-inducing, artery-clogging bad fat and cholesterol.


All vegan recipes are vegetarian of course, but not all vegetarian recipes are vegan.  Whether from recipes found online or from cookbooks, a simple read of the ingredients determines whether the dish is free from animal.  Watch out for eggs, milk, whey, cream, butter and convert the dish to vegan by replacing them with vegan-friendly substitutes.  Nuts and can be ground up, soaked and squeezed, dehydrated and transformed into wonderful dairy-like delights.  Seasoned with herbs and spices, it can even pass for cheese.

Vegetarian Soup

Throughout the world, countries have their own versions of these dishes from French onion soup, Hungary’s goulash, and Japan’s sukiyaki to various versions of consommés, noodle soups and bisques from Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Nothing beats a cup (or bowl if you’re extra hungry) of hot steaming soup on a cold winter or rainy day.  There’s videos for cooking recipes something about the aroma, whether it’s an easy cooking recipes simple vegetable broth or hearty chunky chowder, which comforts and reminds one of a home-cooked meal from mom’s kitchen.

Usually served as a starter course after an appetiser, soups can also serve as a main course if it has lots of texture and substantial components, usually meat and chunky vegetables, and served with bread.  They range in texture from light broths, usually with vegetables and noodles, to thick almost stew-like dishes brimming with various ingredients.  Soups are also popular as a light meal or snack especially when one is under the weather.


Vegetarian are spoilt for choice with the abundance of ingredients that can be used to make soup–from deep green spinach, broccoli leaves and flowers to bright yellow-orange pumpkin, corn and peppers to purple beet root, cabbage and eggplant.  The colors in it are indicative of the abundant phytonutrients present.  Should you still want the texture and mouth feel of meat, mushrooms, firm tofu and vegemeat (texturised vegetable protein) may be used.


Soups together with salads are among the easiest dishes to prepare without the addition of meat.  Recipes here use highlight fresh vegetables.  Feel free to substitute vegetables with what’s in season.  Not only are you assured of a fresher product, but ingredients are cheaper too.  Squashes, gourds can take the place of zucchini.  Rapini, a vegetable similar to broccoli widely used in Italy can be replaced with leafy greens such as kale.  Vegan options do not contain any milk, cream or butter.


Vegetarian goulash takes out the meat component and uses potato and a variety of vegetables made more flavorful with spices and red wine.  It is served hot and chunky and is a great meal in itself with complete protein from beans and carbohydrates from the starchy vegetables and gnocchi, a unique soft dumpling made from potatoes.


Herbs and spices can also be played around with to create different flavour profiles yielding a totally different dish.

Vegetarian Recipes

Preparing home-made dishes that do not contain meat, poultry and seafood can initially be challenging especially if one is used to this food group. Animal protein has a distinct texture, flavor and aroma that are challenging to imitate but not impossible!

With the rapid increase of chefs recipes people who refrain from or totally avoid consuming meat, easy cooking videos more and more restaurants are offering vegetarian options in their menu.  Same goes for airlines and cruise ships.  These are usually priced more expensively that other meal options and/or sometimes have to be requested ahead of time.  Though vegetarians are rarely spoilt for choice in most restaurants, coffee shops and fast food joints, there are some that have a variety of vegetarian options or are flexible in converting some of their dishes.

Breakfast favorites like pancakes are naturally vegetarian unless served with bacon rashers of sausage links.  Most soups, salads, sauces, dips and dressings can be made without the addition of meat.  Quick easy-to-prepare snack items can be made by just combining fruits, grains.


Beans and mushrooms provide excellent amounts of quality protein and when cooked in certain ways mimic the texture of meat.  If one even prefers the look and mouthfeel or real meat, textured soy proteins or vegemeat are widely available in the market as well.


Grilling imparts a depth and smoky flavor to dishes.  Salad greens like lettuce and vegetables like onions and peppers take on a totally different character when tossed on the grill with olive oil or a simple marinade.  Miso is a type of fermented food made from soybeans, barley or rice that originated in Japan is a staple in vegetarian cooking.


Make the most of what’s in season from your local market and compose a bouquet of green leafy vegetables and root crops drizzled with creamy dressings and zesty vinaigrettes or create an assortment of fruits creatively sliced and presented with a splash of lemon juice.  Fruits and vegetables can also be combined into a virtual garden on a plate.


The recipes presented here include some amounts of dairy products while completely vegan–devoid of any animal products like eggs, cheese, milk and cream.  By all means, convert these items into a vegan by replacing ingredients with nut milks, “cheeses” and vegetable shortenings.  Care has to be taken in embarking on a vegetarian diet as it is easy to encounter certain nutritive deficiencies.