Grilled seafood recipes

With the invention of convenient portable grilling equipment, enjoying video recipes online the distinct outdoor flavors and aromas can now be enjoyed inside the house without having to bring out whole pheasant recipes slow cooker any heavy equipment or go to a campsite.  Some modern stoves even have a built in grill that is powered by gas or electricity.  For stove top grilling, heavy cast iron pans come with raised ridges that leave the signature grill marks that can trick even the gourmet to thinking it was cooked over charcoal.  Add to that the invention of double sided non-stick small kitchen grills that cut cooking time in half by simultaneously cooking food on both sides, eliminating the need to flip.

However, outdoor grilling is a still great way to prepare food in a family setting with the father firing up the charcoal and the kids preparing their own food.  Groups of friends, usually guys, can also bond over grilled food with a keg of beer.

Seafood can very well be cooked the same manner as other usually grilled items like steak, burgers and hotdogs.  One just has to be careful not to overcook it.  Remember that majority of fish and shellfish take much less time to cook than meats.  Cut fish slices a bit thicker when grilling so it doesn’t disintegrate on the rack.  For shellfish, it may be best to purchase bigger clams, squid, prawns and lobster so that it doesn’t burn easily.  Clams, mussels, scallops and other bivalves that do not open on the grill are to be discarded and not forced open.  Another option is to arrange different seafood on wood or metal skewers.  Control your heat as well to prevent any charring.

The key to any great tasting dish is the marinade.  For seafood recipes, try marinating it in a simple blend of olive oil, lemon juice, herbs and spices.  Avoid strongly flavored marinades that are normally used for meats as this will overpower rather than compliment the delicate flavor of seafood.  Use the best quality you can buy since you’re not masking the food with other ingredients.  Frozen fish and shellfish may not cook well on the grill.  Use whatever’s freshest at the market and don’t be too constrained to follow a recipe.

Similar to meat, though the charred bits of seafood tastes really good, go easy on it as these contain potentially carcinogenic substances.  Might as well scrape it off or just cook food to doneness without any charring.

Easy vegan recipes

What is quick to prepare is usually easy to make as well but this is not the case 100% of the time.

Ease of preparation of a dish could also pertain to the availability of its ingredients and free video recipes, tools needed to make it and even the storage and use of leftovers.  Case in point are home-made -pancakes from scratch and not from a box.  Though it takes minutes to prepare, it can actually be best cooking videoscomplicated if one is not aware of the steps involved: the importance of the inclusion of a leavening agent, mixing instructions (do not overbeat) and cooking.  Do not undercook nor overcook or flip too soon.  Same goes for certain styles of egg cookery like soft boiling and poaching.  Overcooking yields hard boiled eggs while poaching in a wrong simmering liquid (too cold or without an acidulant) results in a mess.

Fortunately, vegan dishes can both be effortless and quick!  Ask most vegans who have progressed on the path from vegetarianism and have eventually taken out eggs and dairy altogether and you’ll surely be inspired.  After their initial transition stage of figuring out how to address the sourcing out their nutritional requirements, they can whip up dishes that address the elements of a great meal: practical, quick and easy to prepare and delicious.

Like vegetarian cuisine, animal product- and by product-free foods are best crafted from the simplest of ingredients from nature’s harvest basket and require the least amount of preparation.

Serving food raw is actually the easiest preparation method.  Even basic vegan cooking is more convenient and quick than preparing dishes with meat.  In fact, what one should be careful about when cooking vegetables is not to overdo it.  This diminishes the heat-sensitive nutrients in the dish and also may affect its texture.  Nobody wants to eat a limp asparagus stick or a broccoli floret that’s discolored.  Though the old fashioned way of cooking cabbage is to boil it until its soft and falling apart, vegans put great importance of serving food in its optimum nutritional content and value.  Cabbages are shredded and made into coleslaw or fermented to sauerkraut.

Practical tips for creating dishes in a jiffy include maximising the use of ready-to-use and ready-to-eat vegan components like bread, pre-cut vegetables, pre-washed salad greens, frozen and dried fruit and ready-to-use nut milks.  If you have more time and resources, try making them from scratch but be prepared to spend for tools and ingredients.

Gourmet vegan recipes

During special occasions, many vegan connoisseurs are excited to showcase their advance techniques like dehydration and fancy ingredients like flower essences, exotic oils, and exorbitantly priced spices like saffron.

In the culinary world, gourmet cooking recipe videos may be compared to haute couture or avant-garde in fashion.  Simply put cooking video recipes, it pertains to food that uses high-quality materials and prepared with much more care and precision as regular cookery.  Naturally, this also connotes expensive ingredients, fancy presentation and an overall fine dining experience this is usually reserved for special occasions.

During special occasions, many vegan connoisseurs are excited to showcase their advance techniques like dehydration and fancy ingredients like flower essences, exotic oils, and exorbitantly priced spices like saffron.  These alone are enough to impress even those who are not vegetarian.  In gourmet cuisine, simplicity takes a back seat and the sky’s the limit in creating an unforgettable gustatory delight.  With vegan food though, sometimes the ingredients alone are enough to create a lasting impression.


As motivations for turning to a vegan lifestyle vary from health, religious, cultural or ethical reasons, the range of culinary creations also encompass a gamut of dishes from the expected vegetable and fruit salads to the exotic dish made with seaweed, mosses and even algae.  In a looser definition, unusual ingredients presented in a unique fashion can perhaps be considered as gourmet.  A spirulina smoothie or an cheesecake made with Irish moss may be viewed by some as such while others will classify this under the exotic food category.  Professional chefs may also disagree on this as their definition of gourmet is stricter based on their years of culinary education and experience.


It’s not uncommon for creative chef to decorate a salad with edible flowers; deepen the flavor of a soup, spread and pasta with exotic mushrooms and truffle oil; or use aromatic botanical essences in desserts and beverages.  This can be considered gourmet in some aspects.


Organic produce, usually though just simple fruits and vegetables, is priced much much more than conventional produce.  As such, these are prepared with more care to retain their nutrients and showcase their fresh taste.  Presentation of the final dish is also carefully considered to be able to give recognition to the care farmers have grown it.


A vegan lifestyle’s diet is immensely healthy as long as it is prepared correctly and sustainably.  Nutrition may not necessarily be the top priority when coming up with gourmet food.  However, as vegan cuisine’s pantry is stocked up with fiber-rich, nutrient-dense ingredients, sometimes it cannot be helped that any dish that comes out of the kitchen full of healthy wholesome goodness.

Vegetarian Soup

Throughout the world, countries have their own versions of these dishes from French onion soup, Hungary’s goulash, and Japan’s sukiyaki to various versions of consommés, noodle soups and bisques from Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia.

Nothing beats a cup (or bowl if you’re extra hungry) of hot steaming soup on a cold winter or rainy day.  There’s videos for cooking recipes something about the aroma, whether it’s an easy cooking recipes simple vegetable broth or hearty chunky chowder, which comforts and reminds one of a home-cooked meal from mom’s kitchen.

Usually served as a starter course after an appetiser, soups can also serve as a main course if it has lots of texture and substantial components, usually meat and chunky vegetables, and served with bread.  They range in texture from light broths, usually with vegetables and noodles, to thick almost stew-like dishes brimming with various ingredients.  Soups are also popular as a light meal or snack especially when one is under the weather.


Vegetarian are spoilt for choice with the abundance of ingredients that can be used to make soup–from deep green spinach, broccoli leaves and flowers to bright yellow-orange pumpkin, corn and peppers to purple beet root, cabbage and eggplant.  The colors in it are indicative of the abundant phytonutrients present.  Should you still want the texture and mouth feel of meat, mushrooms, firm tofu and vegemeat (texturised vegetable protein) may be used.


Soups together with salads are among the easiest dishes to prepare without the addition of meat.  Recipes here use highlight fresh vegetables.  Feel free to substitute vegetables with what’s in season.  Not only are you assured of a fresher product, but ingredients are cheaper too.  Squashes, gourds can take the place of zucchini.  Rapini, a vegetable similar to broccoli widely used in Italy can be replaced with leafy greens such as kale.  Vegan options do not contain any milk, cream or butter.


Vegetarian goulash takes out the meat component and uses potato and a variety of vegetables made more flavorful with spices and red wine.  It is served hot and chunky and is a great meal in itself with complete protein from beans and carbohydrates from the starchy vegetables and gnocchi, a unique soft dumpling made from potatoes.


Herbs and spices can also be played around with to create different flavour profiles yielding a totally different dish.

Vegetarian Dieting

In the broadest sense, vegetarianism may be considered a diet in itself as it confers health benefits including weight loss if done properly.

Vegetarianism and chef videos cooking is defined as the practise of consuming solely plant-based foods and taking out meat, poultry, fish and seafood video recipes online.  Dairy and eggs may or may not be included.  Compete avoidance of animal products is classified as veganism.  On the other hand, a diet by definition is the intentional selection and/or limitation of food to control body weight and/or address certain health issues such as high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and heart disease.

In the broadest sense, vegetarianism may be considered a diet in itself as it confers health benefits including weight loss if done properly.  Those who practise this oftentimes do not wish to call it a diet as this term connotes deprivation and that it is something you get into for a specific amount of time to achieve a specific health goal as opposed to a lifelong lifestyle choice.


In the strictest sense, a vegetarian diet can be viewed as a “diet within a diet” wherein excessive fats and high-glycemic fruits are limited and instead more vegetables are consumed.


Calories are not so much the concern of vegetarians as plant-based foods: fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts confer a lot of quality nutrients without the high calorie content associated with a conventional diet with large amounts of meat (pork and beef) and chicken whether processed or not.  However, if one is not careful, consuming too much starchy food and fruit can lead to elevated blood sugar levels while too much fats, though healthy and cholesterol-free, can still lead to weight gain.


Not all calories are created equal.  Carbohydrate and protein for example contain four calories per gram while fat has nine calories per gram.  The same number of calories from a hearty salad of leafy greens, nuts and a light dressing may provide more quality energy and nutrients from a hotdog made from processed meat, mayonnaise and white bread.  Same goes for the calories in a cup of fresh fruit compared to cup of hot fudge sundae.


Whether vegetarian or not, smart choices have to be made to be able to achieve long term health and wellness and avoid diseases.


Those who just converted to a vegetarian lifestyle are recommended to seek the guidance of a health practitioner–a doctor, nutritionist or wellness advocate who can monitor that essential nutrients are complete and in adequate amounts.  Joining a support group also helps to get a broad view of various people’s journey.

Seafood recipes

Our geography lessons say that 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water.

From the deepest oceans, to rivers, lakes, streams, these water sources are teeming with marine life that has been used cooking video recipes by humans for their consumption (pliage de napkin).

Seafood, particularly those gathered from the deep sea, like meats are significantly high in protein as such provide much nutrition especially for coastal populations.  Most are high in omega fatty acids and low in saturated fat.  Health advocates encourage consumption due to this food group’s high nutrient and mineral content that have been linked to improvements in brain function and heart health.

There are thousands of species of sea life that are consumed by humans as food.  Aside from fish, shellfish is the widely accepted culinary classification which can be further distinguished by the water source they come from (salt of freshwater) or their zoological group.  Delectable recipes are featured using molluscs (clams, mussels and oysters), crustaceans (shrimp, crabs and lobster).  More unusual seafood include sea urchins, sea cucumber, sting ray and octopus which some consider as exotic.


Chefs and restaurateurs create e a dedicated menu selection which can get pricey at times the further away from the marine source the restaurant is.  It isn’t rare to find seafood dishes which are “market price” which means the cost varies according to how much it was bought that day.   When in a coastal town, it is recommended to try out the local seafood dishes which you’ll be surprised to find very simple but deliciously fresh.

When preparing seafood, care must be taken not to overcook them because a lot tend to become tough – like squid and shrimps.  A good test for some shellfish is the color change – a bright orange or pink indicated doneness.  Go easy on the salt as some are already naturally on the salty side.


The amount of food gathered of harvested from the sea has drastically increased due to world population and with issues like overfishing, global warming, water pollution and rising mercury levels, it is probably time that mankind takes a more conscious effort in conserving marine life for future generations.  Socially responsible establishments have taken steps to not use endangered species like turtles and sharks, prized in Chinese cuisine.

Some food for thought… Is seaweed and marine algae considered seafood?  Culinary experts classify the former as any form of edible sea life so the answer is a delicious positive!  Seaweed can be used for a variety of dishes as a main ingredient or as an accompaniment while micro-algae like spirulina is widely regarded as a highly nutritious super food.

Sole food

Some say that to know about a country or culture, it’s best video for cooking recipes to experience it firsthand.  Sometimes, it sticks to the person more when they are exposed to their lifestyle, such as Food or music.  Food cooking video recipes is a universal language that tells a lot about a country’s origins, lifestyle, individuals, and sometimes history and the countries that influenced them.  If a pastry of a country has similarities with another one, chances are, there is a story in world history that can explain that.  And our history lessons get more interesting.

Soul Foods are culinary delights from traditional cuisine of African-Americans.  The term “soul” came about as a common word to define African-American culture.  The Food tells a story on African-American history – from slave trade and European influence.  Most of the Food recipes during the time of slave trade were passed down orally from generation to generation, as it was forbidden then for enslaved Africans to write cookbooks until they were allowed to do so during the Emancipation.  Probably at one point in history, a chef or a mother cooking for her family decided to give their own personal take to it, or something the family would enjoy according to their own preference.  If they were given only onions or okra to eat, as Food during the slave trade was limited, they make the best out of it.  Discarded meat cuts like tripe, pig’s ears, and hog jowls have some use and are immediately turned into hearty meals.

Just like soul music, soul Food has very interesting flavors.  A classic and flavorful (yet simple) French onion soup gets a twist, as they make it their own.  French onion soup’s ingredients are fairly simple – onions, broth, bread, cheese, and a bit of seasoning here and there but the flavor and texture is very rich, crunchy then soft bread, chewy cheese, a bit of mellowness and a tang and zest.   Aside from this clear soup, there are also thick, rich and hearty soups like cream of asparagus, and creamy vegan carrot soup, which are hearty meal starters or light dinners too.   Pasta primavera is also an interesting way to encourage youngsters to eat their vegetables as it looks palatable to the eye from how it’s presented (lots of colors and textures in a contrast of white pasta).


It’s amazing that Food doesn’t just diminish hunger.  There are dishes like these that tell a story.  Isn’t it interesting to learn it this way too?