How to slow cook chicken

Slow Cooker Chicken 

Slow cooking and chicken are two of the most compatible words in the busy cook’s cooking dictionary. It’s music to her ears. Slow cooking involves the preparation of hot dishes in advance. Just put the ingredients on the slow cooker, season, turn it on and return to it for dinner. Preparation of dishes in a slow cooker should be fuss-free and quick.

Slow Cooker Chicken 2

Although some recipes need sautéing of ingredients before putting into the pot, the effort required, if at all, would be worth the depth of flavors you’ll get from that. Like the slow cooker, chicken requires minimal preparation and just the right bit of attention and you get yourself a nice, hearty meal at the end of the day.

The gift of the slow cooker chicken is a hot meal to share with the family, without having to slave on it for hours. Since it’s slow cooked, all the flavors are intensified inside the pot. The chicken is moist and tender and so will the vegetables. The sauce or broth that results in slow cooker chicken is as delicious as the meal you’re making. Just remember to season it well with salt and pepper as well as your favorite herbs and spices.

Slow cooker chicken can also make use of noodles for a hearty noodle soup. The chicken is shredded and returned to the pot before the final hour of cooking. Noodles like whole wheat or regular ones are added after the long hours of slow cooking so it doesn’t disintegrate. The broth will lend its flavor to the dish and would taste as if you’ve done a Herculean task in cooking it. But in reality, slow cooker chicken recipes are simple and delicious, without you working too much.